Seven Things Sunday: Seven Things I Love This Week

This week's been a busy one, with a lot going on, especially driving back and forth for work. As of today, I'm on vacation for two w...

This week's been a busy one, with a lot going on, especially driving back and forth for work. As of today, I'm on vacation for two weeks (with the exception of next Sunday, where I have to work a 6 hour shift). Therefore, you may or may not being hearing more from me this week! For now though, let's focus on this week's Seven Things Sunday!

1. Yet again another mug. This time, one found at TJ Maxx (Geez, I love that place!). "Courage," it reads on the front, and the back "courage doesn't always roar. sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying 'i will try again tomorrow.'" The saying really resonated with me, not to mention, my beautiful cat's name is Courage.

2. This tortoise shell boyfriend watch from Target has my name all over it. I'm a sucker for watches, and I wear them until the battery runs out. I'm too lazy to get the battery changed, so I just buy a new watch each time. This one I could wear with everything, casual or dressy. Fingers crossed I get it for my five year anniversary this coming Thursday.

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3. I found this fantastic little cupcake shop in a hole-in-the-wall shopping center.They carried about eight everyday varieties of cupcakes and two "flavors of the day." I chose an everyday flavor, chocolate cream, a moist chocolate cupcake, filled with white chocolate ganache, with chocolate frosting on top. It was delicious. The packed it in a tiny cakebox, gave a frequent buyers card and asked me to like them on Facebook. I was excited to find something new. When I go to like them on Facebook, I find that Smallcakes is not a small hole-in-the-wall shop, but a chain of cupcake shops through the US, a little disappointing, but nonetheless, still a delicious cupcake shop that I will be visiting over and over.

4. The simple, delicious broccoli I made for dinner tonight. I'm an avid Pinterester (me and the rest of y'all, right?) and I ran across a pin for roasted broccoli. I was surprised at myself that I had never thought to roast broccoli. I love vegetables, and I often throw some into the oven to add some greens to any dinner. For some reason, though I've cooked broccoli tons of other ways, I've never roasted it. But thanks to Pinterest, my brain sparked and I made some great broccoli.

5. I work an hour away from my home, in a different state, in a different time zone. If I have to be at work at 9:30, I leave my house at 9:30. Awesome, right? Sure. If I get off work at 6:00, however, I'm not home until 8:00. Working and living in two different time zones really complicates what people call a work-life balance. I don't have that. Work overtakes my life. Because I may work 40 hours a week (on the clock, at least), I drive 10 extra hours a week to get to and from work. I'm lucky enough that my sister lives in the city that I work, so on days I just can't make the drive home, or don't have the gas to get there, I can stay with her. The worst part of this whole thing isn't the driving or the not being in my own bed. The worst part is that I miss my boyfriend. I know it sounds silly and childish. There are so many people who cannot see their loved ones because they're deployed, or overseas. Yet I miss my boyfriend because I work an hour away. It's selfish. But I'm human and we are all entitled to be selfish. These "Open When..." letters that are circulating Pinterest (yes, Pinterest again), are something that I think is amazing. I realize that these were probably started for loved ones who are deployed, but I really like these and I think they're a fantastic way to show somehow truly how much you love them, even in times that you can't be with them. Like I mentioned above, our five year anniversary is this week, so I plan to make some of these letters up to give him with his gift. 

(this picture does not belong to me, it was found on Pinterest)

6. This. I need it. 

This picture was found on Pinterest.

7. And lastly, apple fritters from Quiktrip. They're cheap and oh, so delicious.

What are your seven things this week?

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