Seven Things Sunday: Seven Things I Love This Week

A feature I am really excited to have each week on A Paper Arrow (or whatever the name may change to in the months to come) is "Seven T...

A feature I am really excited to have each week on A Paper Arrow (or whatever the name may change to in the months to come) is "Seven Things Sunday." Each week, I will give you  a glimpse into seven things I am really into that week. While most things that are featured one week will still be something I'm into the next, don't fret. Each week I will share with you something new and fun and important in my life. So, with no further adieu, my first "Seven Things Sunday" post.

1. This pancreas mug I picked up at the Goodwill today is a true gem, and not because I'm on a never-ending search for coffee mugs with personality. What you will soon find out about me, (as in, in just seconds) is I have type one diabetes, the bad kind (okay, they're both really terrible), the kind that I have to take at least three shots a day, and that's if I don't eat anything. I was diagnosed when I was nine, so it's something that made me who I am, but it's also a burden that I would never wish upon anyone. The best way to deal with the tough things in life, like having diabetes, is to make them funny. So, I regularly reference my illness as diabeetus ("die-uh-bee-tus"), and when I find diabetes paraphernalia, it's a must to add to my collection. Hence, the pancreas mug below:

2. Another thing you will soon figure out is that I am madly in love with my boyfriend and mine's pet cat, Courage. She is handful and hyper and sometimes super annoying, but very, very sweet. She is ten months old and way too  fluffy for her own good. She knows how to make people love her and hate her. And of course, since she's a cat, she's pretty much takes care of herself (except changing the litter and getting more food in her bowl). She's the best pet you could ask for. Not to mention, she matches our furniture perfectly. See a super fun look of hers below:

3. I love food, pretty much any kind. I really love junk food, especially Cheetos or anything sweet. What's weird, though, is how much I truly enjoy healthy food, as well. Fruits, raw or cooked vegetables, you name it. It wasn't until fairly recently, however, that I tried a pistachio for the first time and fell in love. They are so delicious, but so darn expensive, so they're really a rare commodity in our house.

4. A trend in fashion that's been around for a while, but I've only recently gotten into is the maxi dress. I recently found a solid blue maxi at a thrift store for $6.00 and for some reason it really stood out to me so I bought it. I've since bought two more. And being the sweater lover that I am, have been pairing them with a good sweater, and voila, they make fantastic winter outfit. Living in Georgia, I don't get the below freezing temperatures or the snow that other states get, but having lived here my entire life, Winter is definitely something I don't deal with very well. Don't get me wrong, I love the winter, but it is so different from what we experience here the rest of the year. Being able to dress well and with layers is difficult, but it's so simple to just throw on a maxi, some tights or leggings and sweater and you've got an outfit. Of course, scarves and hats add flair, too!

5. For Christmas, my sister bought me a book with an odd title. I laughed at "Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls" for a good five minutes straight. I have never read a book by David Sedaris, and I'm a bit disappointed I had never heard of him until now. His book is clever and very well-written. I've also discovered a short film based off a story of his on Netflix that I plan to watch soon.

6. Another thing that I was late to the show with is Dexter. Now that the series is finally completed, I have now started watching the show, in its entirety, on Netflix with Andre. We're currently at the end of season five and the show truly is a masterpiece. 

7. I'm not new to blogging. I've blogged since seventh grade, when I had about six Xanga accounts. However, it is recent that I've become a pretty avid blog reader. I think different social sites have obviously accounted for this, as most blogs also have Instagram and Twitter accounts, making it easier to catch up on blog reading. A few of my favorite blogs are as follows: The Pretty Life Anonymous, A Beautiful Mess and The Charley Girl.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed learning a little more about things I'm into, so what's a little something you're into right now?

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