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Pop punk band Transit was supposed to play a show Thursday night in Birmingham, but unfortunately the show was canceled due to the "ice...

Pop punk band Transit was supposed to play a show Thursday night in Birmingham, but unfortunately the show was canceled due to the "ice storm". Andre was planning on going, but of course his plans were ruined. So of course he asked if we could go last night. Valentines night. After I worked for 8 hours and then drove an hour home.  The old me would have thrown a fit. "But it's Valentines Day!" But the new me will take any chance to make him happy, so I said sure.

I've listened to Transit before, not as a personal choice, but alongside Andre, and they're really great. They're catchy and heartfelt, and just generally good to listen to. I still wasn't really pumped to go to the show. I've become a homebody. I hate doing much of anything unless I'm at home or going to buy something for the home. I owe this to working in a different state and driving one hour to work one-way five times a week. It makes me beyond tired and I just hate going out. 
I used to love music though, like really love it and the highlight of my week was usually whichever show I was going to each week. I was always looking for new music and seeing bands live on a regular basis. It was the one thing I truly loved so much. Sometime around the time I turned 20, I lost that. Even with the miracle of high speed internet, I don't ever find new music. I listen to whatever's on the radio. And I don't get excited for music or my favorite bands playing live. 
I didn't realize how much I lost that part of me until we got to the Masquerade last night (a somewhat small, local venue that pretty regularly hosts pretty big bands). I got a wrist stamp and went inside where it's dark and grungy. I felt awkward at first. I didn't belong there anymore. Especially not like I used to. I was following Andre around like a lost puppy dog, when in the past I could hold my own. But when Transit started playing, I could feel the bass in my chest and that's what I always loved- that feeling. And people were singing along and it was nostalgic and beautiful and I want to be in that place again- into music and love shows and merch that seems so pricey but it's supporting people's dreams. 
So this year, a new goal has risen- get back into love music. Make the time and save up the money to fall in love with music again. 

Thank you, Transit, for bringing that feeling back. And thank you, Andre, for asking me to go. 

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