7 Things Sunday: Facts About the South

1. Summer is half of the year. It lasts from around mid-April until early November. Yes, we still have April showers and our May flowers, ...

1. Summer is half of the year. It lasts from around mid-April until early November. Yes, we still have April showers and our May flowers, but it's also 85 degrees while it's raining, causing the worst weather- humidity, which causes frizzy hair and hard-to-breathe conditions.  I'd rather having cold rain, or snow. 

2. Yes, we are that nice. (Most of us.) We will wave to you when you pass, whether in the mall or driving past each other. You'll see a tiny little flip of the hand, and it's equivalent to "Hey! Have a good day!" We also smile to passers by, hold open doors, and occasionally have full length conversations with people we've never met. (Side note: We will call you ma'am or sir, regardless of how old you are and it's NEVER meant to offend you. We just love our manners.)

3. Even our hateful comments sound sweet. If you hear the words "bless your heart," we think you've done something so idiotic that we pity you. For example, "She dated Tommy and thought he wouldn't cheat on her? He will go after anything with legs. Bless her heart. Just bless her little soul."

4. We aren't all ignorant or like Honey Boo Boo's family. Television would lead you to think we are all no-tooth having, ignorant rednecks. And yes, there are those people (and they aren't bad people), however, we are just as amazing and intelligent as someone who lives elsewhere. The worst part about what you see on tv is that those are "reality tv" shows. I assure you, the reality is much different. 

5. We love nothing more than Braves baseball. I honestly think it's the ONLY MLB team in the South. The thing is, even if we aren't into sports, we are Braves fan through and through. And regardless of how bad a season they may have, we will stay directly by their side. Now, chop on. 

6. Our tea? Oh, we'll definitely take that sweet. Okay, I have diabetes and that pound of sugar in that one cup of tea won't sit well with my blood sugar, but I will put approximately 8 packets of Sweet 'n Low into that 32 oz cup, thank you. Even people who go "unsweet" prefer half & half (half sweet tea, half unsweet). 

7. And most importantly, our family comes before anything else. We may have days where we don't like 'em too much, but we will forever love them fully. And if anyone does anything to hurt them, physically or emotionally, they will not have a good day. 

So, where are you from? And what's that like? I'd love to live vicariously through you, because we all know I don't have enough traveling in my life. 

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