April Goals, March Goals Recap

It's that time again! The start of the month and time for another brand new set of goals. First, let's review what my March goals...

It's that time again! The start of the month and time for another brand new set of goals. First, let's review what my March goals were. (You can read the post in its entirety here.) 

1. Get through the entire month partaking in "Meatless Monday." Welp. This didn't happen. I made it two weeks. Then I ran out of meatless meal ideas and ended up eating some ham. Sorry, y'all.
2. Finish my first blanket! This I did! (Kind of...) I didn't realize you need more than one spool of  yarn to complete a blanket. Beginner's mistake, okay? Also, when I started, I was pulling the yarn too tight, then I got the hang of it after a little while and figured it out. So, instead of a blanket, I have a sort of cape for Courage. Well, at least I finished it, and better luck next time. 
3. Finish Friends. I'm so close, I can taste it. I'm on season 10, so I'll be done within the next week or so. 
4. Get outside and clean the yard! I got this done too. The weather was nice, but not too hot on Saturday, so Andre grilled us some lunch and I spent about 30 minutes picking all the trash out of the yard. So, done! Now, to just collect some "No Trespassing" signs and we'll be all good.
5. Read a book! I started reading a book. Well, I actually started reading the book in October when I was at the airport and went to Texas. I'm about half-way through it now, but still not finished. I really need to sit some time aside for reading each day, maybe just 30 minutes to an hour away from Netflix and with a book in my hands. 

So I finished 2 out of 5 goals for the month, 40%. That's pretty terrible. I would really like to do better for this month.

1. Finish the dang book, Kayla! I will finish the book this month, with a review, and maybe even start a new one, just maybe.
2. Finish Friends, start Gilmore Girls. I am so close to finishing!
3. Don't eat out at least 4 days a week. This means at all. No breakfast eating out. No lunch or dinner eating out. No snacks or coffee eating out. Only make meals and snacks from home, generally Monday-Thursday. I know four days doesn't sound like that many, but I often find myself grabbing a coffee from Starbucks mid-day or not taking breakfast with me. 
4. Get my tires aligned on my car. Car maintenance sucks, okay? It does, but it's necessary. I'm ready to hear my radio again without turning it up to the maximum volume. 
5. Also, wash my car and clean it out. It's disgusting in there, really.
6. Finish a 5k. I'm signed up for two during April, so let's just cross our fingers I can finish at least one of them (but hopefully both!).
7. Post on the blog at least twice a week. 
8. Give the cat a bath. She's been really itchy lately and she's pulling out pieces of her fur, so I definitely want to give her a good bath and spray her with some anti-itch before the weather gets too warm and the problem gets worse.
9. Post at least one picture to Instagram each week. I feel like since I've got back into blogging, I've been saving my pictures for my blogs and forgetting to actually post them on IG. I'd like to be consistent in both blogging and IGing. 
10. Mark something, anything, off from the wedding planning checklist. I've got my dress, shoes and veil. We've got our ceremony/reception venue. We've chosen our wedding parties and have bridesmaids dresses. We have a photographer. We have an (undecorated) archway. That's it. There is so much more we need to do and less than 6 months to do it in, but that is a whole other post.

What goals are you pushing yourself to meet this month?


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  1. Awesome sauce. You do a LOT better than me--I can't even make a list-little on cross anything off-love u Aunt Val

    1. I am a list person, through and through, and I enjoy marking things off.

  2. I love the "Cape" blanket. That's how my knitting kinda turns out! LOL Best of luck on this month's goals!