StudioWedBox: Box Two (Plus some extras)

I recently received my second StudioWed Box. Keep in mind, that while this is my second month of receiving the box, I did choose to receive ...

I recently received my second StudioWed Box. Keep in mind, that while this is my second month of receiving the box, I did choose to receive the last 6 months of the subscription (meaning this would be the month #7 box for the full year subscription).
The first box I received (here) focused on stationary, including invitations, programs, and more. I was not impressed, and it wasn't very useful since I had already sent out my save-the-dates, have plans for my invitations and won't be doing place cards or individual programs during the ceremony and reception. Not to mention, my box arrived close to two weeks late. I was promised some extra goodies in my second box, but I didn't receive them. I contacted the company and they ended up sending me a full additional box of "favorites," which I'll include at the end.

This second box focuses on the reception. I liked these items more than box one. Perhaps they seem more useful to me.

This box contained:
1. A confetti push pop from Thimble Press for the exit. I really like this idea, but won't be able to use it at our outside venue.
2. The "Toss Me" bag is full of lavender buds from Pressed Cotton. I really like this, because (a) it smells really good and (b) this is viable option for us.
3. A dice game called Hazard which consists of rolling the dice until your totals add up to a certain amount. It came with instructions, which is nice, and the dice are hard-carved. We could actually use this during our reception. People who aren't interested in dancing can play different activities. This was also from Pressed Cotton.
4. A super cute compact mirror from Blue Penguin Shop. It says "Time to drink champagne & dance on tables." It could be a really item to stick in gift bags for the bridal party.

I appreciated this box more than the last one, and while I may not buy items from these shops in particular, it can give me an idea of what I'm looking for. For example, my favorite this from this box was the lavender buds, and I love the little bag it came it. I can purchase those tiny bags in bulk to use for guest to throw whatever on us while we exit.

As for the box of favorites...

This box truly had some great stuff in it. I just hope that the boxes I receive in the future are more like this!

Inside was:
1. Hand creme  from Royal Apothic. It smells nice and it's definitely something I can use, so I can keep my hands looking nice and soft.
2. A tiny jar of sugar scrub soap from Naiad Soap Arts. I haven't tried it yet, but I expect it to be like cotton candy. 
3. A gorgeous glass coaster from Kate Aspen. It's just so pretty, I don't even want to use it, but I'm going to put it on my desk at work!
4. An awesome bow tie from Root Bizzle. I only wish it was in one of our colors!
5. Fruit teas from Adagio. I'm really excited about these! I love tea.
6. My Basic Needs: Food, Clothing, Shelter, YOU (a book) from Chronicle Books. This is really cute and actually something I would buy to bombard Andre with, even though he would think they're not very practical. 

So, I'm hoping to receive more boxes like this one. I am happier with these boxes than with the first one I received. I'm able to work ideas off these, as well as find brands/shops I'd never heard of before.

Have you ever received a wedding planning subscription box? Was it helpful?


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