June Goals, May Recap

It's that time again: monthly goal setting time! But first, let's review last month's goals. 1. Be one of the first 50 peo...

It's that time again: monthly goal setting time! But first, let's review last month's goals.

1. Be one of the first 50 people to Moe's on Cinco de Mayo so I can get my Cinco de Moe's shirt! I got my shirt and my burrito! Andre and my mom also came with me, so that was a fun little trip together.
2. Mark something else off of the wedding planning checklist. We chose our cake, so that got checked off. I was also able to purchase all of my bridesmaids bouquets and a few other smaller things. With less than four months to go, I still feel extremely overwhelmed.
3. Wash my car and clean it out. I did it. I cleaned my car and washed it, but it was dirty again in less than two days. Thanks, a lot, birds!
4. Commit to eating out less. I'm still having such a hard time here. It's really hard for me not go grab a coffee some days, or to not go pick up dinner when I really don't feel like cooking. 
5. Continue posting blogs and posting to Instagram multiple times a week. I still feel like I've been pretty consistent here. With a full-time job and a blogging hobby on the side, I feel like two times a week is a pretty good goal, which I've been able to meet. 
6. Do ab/core work outs 3 times each week. I have 100% kept up with this. I began a planking challenge mid-month, but I kept it up and didn't miss any days. I also do pilates pretty regularly with a core-focus. 
7. Get through Cassey Ho's Hot Body Year Round. I didn't get through the entire book. It's broken down by season, so it felt weird to focus on different seasons. I have been doing some of the exercises from the book to meet my goal above. 

This month's goals:
1. Complete more tasks for the wedding. This will be an ongoing goal until the wedding surpasses. 
2. Create a wedding-specific list of goals with specific deadlines. Share that list.
3. Complete the #bloggerbooty challenge of 3000 squats in June. That's about 100 a day. I did 100 each day for two days in a row last month, and this is going to really have an impact. I'm sure of it. 
4. Take breakfast and lunch to work 4 days out of each week. This is a modification to the eating out goal I've had for the past two months. I know I'm going to eat out on weekends, and sometimes Fridays. Bringing my breakfast and lunch at least 4 times a week seems really do-able.
5. Celebrate my birthday! I'll be 25 this year, and somehow, that seems like a big deal. I love celebrating my birthday!
6. Drink more water on the weekends. I do really great on work days. I fill up my 80 ounce water bottle and make sure all the water is gone before I leave for the day. On the weekends, though, I don't really push myself to meet my water-drinking goals. 
7. Meet 15,000 steps at least once each week. I don't always hit my goal of 10,000 steps, but I have the opportunity to be more active on weekends, so I want to take that opportunity and make the most of it!

Do you set monthly goals? What are your goals for June?


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