StudioWedBox: Box Five

StudioWedBox is different from other subscription boxes because everyone isn't receiving the same/similar items each month. When you be...

StudioWedBox is different from other subscription boxes because everyone isn't receiving the same/similar items each month. When you begin your subscription, you choose which portion of your planning that you're in. You can choose to receive just one month, six months, or an entire year of boxes (like most subscription boxes, your monthly installment is cheaper if you subscribe for a longer period). I started my subscription in February, so I got the six month subscription so my last box would come in July (two months before my wedding). For my subscription, I chose the last six months, because that's the portion of planning I was in at the moment. 
My most recent box is my next to last box, and focused on the welcome bag for guests. I really liked this box. In fact, it has been my favorite so far. Most of our guests live locally (within an hour or two), however Andre has family in New York and I have family in Tennessee. Assuming they RSVP that they are attending, a welcome bag could be a great idea. Our wedding will be on a Sunday, so guests may arrive Friday or Saturday to get a feel of the area. We haven't blocked out any hotel space, so delivering the welcome bag may be tricky. We do have some great small businesses in the area, so once our RSVPs start rolling in, I may begin to contact them for small sample sizes and/or coupons. Stay tuned!

The Pure bar in apple cinnamon is a good idea since granola bars are quick and easy snacks. Wedding weekends are hectic and fast-paced, so including something that's grab and go is a nice addition for the guests.

Asheville Coffee Roasters coffee was a fun treat. This is definitely something I would want to include in the bag. We have several locally-owned coffee shop and coffee is one of my favorite things. I feel like most people enjoy coffee, so adding in some local grounds is a great idea!

While popcorn from Poppy's Popcorn in olive oil & rosemary was a fun treat for me, I'm not sure if popcorn is a treat I would add into the welcome bag. I feel like coffee and a small snack (like a granola bar or a local treat like honey sticks from an organic store) are great treats, and any additional snacks may not be needed.

One of my favorite things from the welcome kit was the In Case You Forgot bottle, which included a Burt's Beeswax lip balm(one of my biggest go-to items), Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer, Gold Bond Ultimate intensive healing hand cream, and a Tide To-Go stick. Of course all of these came in travel sizes, so they're perfect to throw into a small purse and take along with you. These are great for guests, because everyone always forgets something.

Also included was a sample of the wedding day timeline to include for guests, so they understand where to go and what time to be there.

I really enjoyed this box. It gave me great ideas for welcoming any out of town guests that may come, and always gave me some great items I will personally use. I will literally use everything included in this month's box!

Check back next month for the last StudioWedBox, and what the team deems important as the last step of the planning period!


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