Julep Maven, a Review

Alright, guys. So I used a coupon code for a free (plus shipping and handling) box from Julep Maven . It was the "You said yes!" b...

Alright, guys. So I used a coupon code for a free (plus shipping and handling) box from Julep Maven. It was the "You said yes!" box, so I was excited to receive it. I always want to be really into beauty and makeup, but I'm pretty lazy and also don't want makeup running down my face and into my eyeballs when I go to the gym after work. That's my only reasoning behind not purchasing more make up boxes. (I'm still really on the fence about whether I'd prefer Birchbox or Ipsy.)

Anyways, I received my Julep Maven box really quickly after ordering (within like three days). I received three nail polishes and a lip gloss. The polishes came in a pale blue (Something blue), a sheer pink (Blushing) and white (Brigitte). The lip gloss was in adored.

I'm not a fan of lip glosses, mostly because they're sticky. This one was so pretty on and made me feel really girly. I just couldn't deal with the stickiness of it.

At first, I struggled with the nail polishes. I am absolutely terrible at painting my nails. I prefer to go get them done, but that really adds up. Pink's my favorite, so I started with the blushing polish, but after realizing how pale it was, I decided it was better to go with a french tip. I used the brigitte to add the white tip (and tons of q-tips to even it out) and then the pink as an overlay. My toes looked awesome. Not so great if you looked to closely, but nice from standing height. I couldn't get my nails just right (the left hand looked good, but my right hand looked like a kindergartner painted them.), so I just used blushing to create a light shine.

The polish was think and strong, almost gel-like, which was awesome. It stayed on my fingernails close to a week and on my toenails for a month before I took it off. The polishes are definitely high quality and dry really quickly, which is always nice.

If the boxes didn't cost $20-25 monthly, I would maybe stick with it, but of course I am the cheapest person and also don't paint my nails enough for all that, but definitely worth a try if you're really into nail polish.


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