December Goals, November Recap

It's December, which means Christmas, which means all kinds of busy! I only want to set a few goals this month, so I can mostly enjoy th...

It's December, which means Christmas, which means all kinds of busy! I only want to set a few goals this month, so I can mostly enjoy the holiday with loved ones, and relax during my weeks off work.

Let's first start with a recap of November.
1. Finish our wedding album. We received our pictures just about two weeks ago, so I haven't had a chance to order the prints yet. This probably won't happen until January or February, when we can get past the holidays and have a little extra money.
2. Continue doing fun Fall things. Well, I know fall technically isn't over until late December, but once we get past Thanksgiving, it is now the Christmas season, and winter, in my book. We did go to a bonfire and Friendsgiving. Plus, I made some pretty stellar sweet potato casserole for my family's Thanksgiving and the Friendsgiving we went to. I was going to post the recipe, but forgot to get any pictures before it all got ate up. It is so good though.
3. Start getting into the Christmas spirit! Oh. I am 100% in the Christmas spirit. My home and office both smell like Christmas trees, our tree and decorations are up at home, my office is decorated, and presents are under the tree.
4. Finish all Christmas shopping. Oh my gosh, y'all. I did this! I've got all presents bought and all of them that have been received are wrapped and under the tree. I am still waiting for several items to arrive from online shopping, but as I receive those, I'll wrap them and stick them under the tree too. I'm pretty pleased that I've accomplished all of this. I do need to get Andre's stocking stuffers, but that's mostly candy, so does that even count?
5. Continue eating at home 5 days of the week. I'm not sure we did this. In fact, I'm pretty sure we failed miserably here this month. Oops. 
6. Get Thank You cards made. I have ordered the cards, which are a combination of Christmas/thank yous. Hopefully those will come in this week, so I can get them mailed out. 

What about December?
1. Watch at least 10 movies from the 25 Days of Christmas Movies post. I love Christmas movies, but I get so hooked on my tv shows, that I forget to ever watch movies at all. I'd love to watch a bundle of Christmas movies and sip hot cocoa (we bought some cocoa k-cups for the Keurig, so now that's super easy to do.)
2. Do at least half of the Christmas Bucket List (about 13/14 items). I love Christmas so much, and this will just be my second year of adulthood not working retail during the holidays. I want to get in as much Christmas cheer as possible.
3. Spend Christmas with both my family and the in-laws. This is our first Christmas being married. We've been spending Christmas with both families for the past 4 or 5 years, but this year feels bigger than that. 
4. Do something for New Years. Seriously, we almost never go out and do anything for New Years. We may dress up and sit at home, or at my parents'. I want to go out this year and have a blast.
5. Go shopping for the office's "adopted" Toys for Tots child. This is my first year leading the office's Toys for Tots donations/drive, and I am so pumped to get our child some really amazing Christmas gifts.
6 Do that big thing that's been stressing me out that no one knows about. I'll give you guys more information here once I've done it. 

I love Christmas, and I love December, and I am just super pumped for this month. While it does make for a hectic month, I truly enjoy this time of year and wish some part's of it could stay around year-long.

What are your goals this month? Please share!


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