Sixteen Things I'm Really Excited About for 2016

2012 was seriously the worst year of my life. Then 2013 happened and it was a little better. I didn't think I could ever top 2014; I got...

2012 was seriously the worst year of my life. Then 2013 happened and it was a little better. I didn't think I could ever top 2014; I got engaged to the man of my dreams, I got my dream job, I took a free trip to Texas. Things were the best. Then 2015 happened and I married Andre, and we took some really fun, awesome day trips, then I finally got to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So, you can only imagine how excited I am to see what 2016 holds for me.

So here are some things I'm pretty excited for this year:

1. Big things going on in the world of tv- a Gilmore Girls reunion (maybe it will take place this year? It is in the works, though.), New Girl finally started back up, a new Stephen King miniseries about JFK on Hulu (11.22.63), not to mention American Crime Story (like American Horror Story, same creators, this first season will be based on the OJ Simpson trial), and Bates Motel coming back on. Don't even get me excited about all the Netflix originals coming on this year (old and new).
2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Do I need to explain this? Seriously, just watching the trailer and seeing the WB logo again had tears in my eyes.
3. Trying to go back to school. I'm applying for grad school, and with any luck, I will be back in school pursuing my Master's by the fall.
4. Andre's back in school, and I am so pumped and so proud of him. We're really working on ourselves this year and I'm so happy about that.
5. More traveling and adventures. Whether it's an hour away, or across the world (that probably won't happen this year), I look forward to spending more time with Andre and family making memories and adventuring.
6. Binge-watching so many tv shows in Netflix and Hulu. I love tv, and I love to connect with characters. I'm excited to watch more new (old) shows this year and meet all the new characters!
7. Documenting more portions of life. I'm working on Project 365 (366, this year because of leap year), so I'm taking at least a picture each day, and documenting, a week at a time, on the blog. Check it out with the label "Project 365" to follow along.
8. Catching up on reading, and completing my 2016 Reading Challenge. My goal is to read at least 40 books this year.
9. Cooking more at home, as opposed to eating out. We got a great new Rachael Ray cookware set for Christmas, and we have been making some great meals in those new pots and pans. I am so happy to be eating at home, and spending less money by doing so!
10. The fact that it's a leap year! I mean, we get one extra day this year, so how cool is that?
11. A new haircut and color. I'm already planning ahead for the summer. I know the cut and color I'm looking forward to. At this point, I'm just waiting until I will actually get it done. :)
12. Getting our wedding album completed. We got the pictures back late November, and I'm just ready to put it all together and make one big, beautiful album for Andre and I to keep.
13. Doing some redecorating. We're interested into moving into a larger house, so we can invite friends and family over for holidays and events. We're not in a big hurry, so I'd love to work on redecorating our home here, regardless of when we decide to move to somewhere different.
14. Crafting more, whether they're big or small projects. I've got a few planned right now, with one of the larger one's being the wedding album (see above).
15. Becoming a bigger part of the blogging community. I've been working on posting more often, and tweeting more, and becoming more active online, so I'm excited to continue that throughout the year.
16. Really becoming more comfortable with my style. I go through my closet several times a month and thrift clothes I don't wear. There are a few pieces that I absolutely love, and other pieces I like, but when I put some outfits together, I end up feeling frumpy or not so confident in my style. I'd love to get to the point that no matter what I pull out of my closet and wear, I feel confident with my choice.

So, what are so things you're excited about for this year?

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