Ten Reasons I'm Really Excited to Go Back to School

So, a couple of weeks ago I announced that I got in the graduate school ( see that post here ), and I'll be starting my Master's in ...

So, a couple of weeks ago I announced that I got in the graduate school (see that post here), and I'll be starting my Master's in the fall. I am the type of person that always enjoyed school (my entire life!) and felt pretty sad (albeit excited) when I graduated after being in school for 17 straight years. I love school so much that I chose it as a profession, and that's actually what I'm getting my Master's in (College Student Affairs).

I could probably list a billion reasons I'm going back to school, but here, I'll give you 10.

School supplies. Seriously, who doesn't love school supplies? My undergrad backpack is still in exceptional shape, but I'm going to get some awesome new highlighters, pens, and notebooks!
New ideas, knowledge, etc. I can't wait to learn more about my chosen profession, and how to best help students. This program has a focus on counseling, and I just cannot wait to understand how to keep people calm and best help them.
Being in a cohort means new friends. I'm excited to get to know more people and to make friends with other people who love student affairs as much as I do!
Again, school supplies. See above. (I love school supplies!)
Taking notes. Call me weird and crazy, but I love taking notes. I like to hand-write the information I am learning, and make little bubbles and stars and pictures that help me to better understand what I am learning.
Graduating again (cap & gown). As hectic as it is, I enjoy the graduation ceremony, and wearing the cap and gown. I'm a big baby, so you can bet I'll cry.
Feelings. I just can't really explain the feelings that I get when it comes to going back to school. I have a great love for school, and I just can't explain how I feel about learning and the school experience.
Travel. Throughout my grad career, there will be trips I can take to different universities around the country, and I have high hopes that I will get to participate. I love going new places, and I'd love to visit other college campuses.
Professional & personal development. I am all about development, whether personal or professional, and I cannot wait to see the person I am in two years.
Bragging rights. Who doesn't want those bragging rights? I'll get to put M.Ed after my name, and that will feel pretty dang good!

What is your favorite thing about school? Do you love it, or hate it?

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  1. It's really exciting that you're going back! I've never been a fan of school and I could not wait for summer break every year. I do like school supplies, shopping for pens and pencils is always fun and I still like getting notebooks.

    1. I've found that most people aren't really a fan of school. I just always really enjoyed it! And who doesn't love school supplies!?

  2. It is 100% okay to cry during any graduation ceremony especially when it is your own. I cried like a baby when I got my diploma, no shame in that. I always enjoyed going to school for so many reasons, thank you for sharing yours. I found your blog through Helene In Bewteen Blog, I look forward to reading your future posts.

    -Cheltee Nicole

    1. Oh yes. I have cried at both of my graduations so far, so getting my Master's will be no different! I'm really glad you stopped by, and I'm glad I'm no the only one that enjoys school. :)

  3. I love school too! I'm excited for you! We started grad school last fall, and while life is more hectic, I wouldn't change it. We took the summer semester off because of our Disney trip, and I can't wait for Fall classes to start back! I LOVE school supplies. Unfortunately (and somewhat fortunately given our hectic schedule) all of our classes are online. I kind of miss actually being in class. You lose some of the interaction and making friends piece of it. But I'm still excited to finish my masters and hopefully keep going!

    1. What are y'all getting your Master's in? Most of my program is face-to-face (75%), because the interaction is a huge part of the learning for this program! I wish you both the best of luck with your program(s)! :)

    2. Thanks! Wishing you the best as well! We're going for Instructional Technology (and curriculum development). Most of it is about designing curriculum for web based learning (so it fits that it's all online), but sometimes it would be nice to have at least an occasional face-to-face session.