My Birthday Wish List

Well, y'all. It is exactly one month until my 26th birthday. I figured I would share some of the top things on my current wish list a...

Well, y'all. It is exactly one month until my 26th birthday. I figured I would share some of the top things on my current wish list and things I'm hoping to see this year for my birthday, for anyone who's interested in buying me a gift. 
But to be clear, gifts aren't the most important thing about birthdays. (Cake is!)

1. Fitbit Blaze. I would love to update my current Fitbit Flex to a more functional and fashionable piece. This one here includes the tan leather wristband (sold seperately).
2. Michael Kors backpack. I love a backpack purse. They're so functional and they hold everything. I've never owned a splurge of a purse, but who doesn't love an MK?
3. Adult tricycle. I had a horrific bike wreck when I was 9. No matter how hard I try, I just can't successfully ride a two-wheel bicycle. I would love this adult trike with the cutest basket on the back!
4. Levi's denim vest. I have been lusting after the perfect denim vest, with no stretch and durable enough to last, um, well, forever. Of course, a Levi's jean vest would be the best jean vest! 
5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets illustrated version. This would be a pre-order because the book isn't actually released until October, but gift or not, I will own this book!
6. Enamel pins for my denim jacket. A denim jacket or vest just isn't complete without pins or buttons.
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What's on your current wish list?

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  1. OMG I love those pins, TOO COOL! I want a bike real bad!

    1. I totally feel ya! I really want a bike (or trike rather). And there are so many pins out there! They're all too cool.

  2. That tricycle looks so cute! It would be really fun to ride around on it. I love those pins too :)

    1. I think so, too! I love the basket on the back!

  3. TEAM JESS! YESSSSS! I just recently got some Gilmore Girls pins in my GG LitCube and was ecstatic, but unfortunately that wasn't one of them! I've never splurged on a nice bag/purse either, but if I were to bite the bullet, it would definitely be an MK one. Great list!

    1. Aaahh! That's awesome. I freaking love Gilmore Girls. I'm so excited for the reboot, and I'm so glad I've found a fellow team Jess fan! :) :) :)
      Thank you!


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