One Year of Marriage

I can't believe that it has actually been a full year since Andre and I got married. The day was such a rush, but at the end of ...

I can't believe that it has actually been a full year since Andre and I got married. The day was such a rush, but at the end of the day, it only mattered that I was married to my best friend.
I get the question a lot "how's married life?" and I'll be honest with y'all, just as I am when someone asks that question. Not a whole lot changed. Andre and I have been dating since January 2009, and living together since May-ish 2010. Basically, the only thing that changed was my last name (and boy, was that fun). That's not a bad thing, though. When I answer "how's married life?" with "nothing's really changed but my last name," people seem to act like that's the worst thing in the world, but it isn't. Andre and I still love each, we're still committed, we're still living life together one day at a time and enjoying each other's company. So, why is that so bad?
When I say nothing's changed, I don't mean that it isn't the greatest thing in the world that we're married. Just thinking about the fact that Andre's my husband and I am is wife is enough to bring tears to my eyes. But again, why is it so bad that's nothing's changed?
I've enjoyed this first year of being married, just as I hope to enjoy the next several years of our lives together. I am enjoying life being the wife of the best guy. I hope our love for each other continues to grow, as we continue to support each other through the ups and downs - major or minor. I love spending life with my best friend.

Five favorite memories from our first year of marriage:
1. Our honeymoon. (see parts one & two here and here.) It was really the best. I think back on it a lot and it doesn't even seem real because of how amazing it was.
2. Driving almost three hours away to go to an apple festival that kind of sucked, and then going to a pumpkin farm and doing a corn maze instead. (see that trip here)
3. Our horrendous camping trip we took for my birthday! (see that trip here)
4. Our day-trip to Chattanooga with Andre's brother. (see that trip here)
5. Our date night to see Ray LaMontagne. (see that post here)

Four hopes for our second year of marriage:
1. To make more time for travel (small, weekend trips).
2. To both become more settled into our schedules of work and school.
3. To start learning to live healthier lifestyles together (meals and exercise-wise).
4. To continue being open and honest with each other.

Three life changes during our first year of marriage:
1. Andre started an amazing job with an amazing company. I couldn't be more proud of him for working hard to reach his goals.
2. I started my graduate program working on a masters of education in counseling with a focus on college student affairs (it's a mouthful, I know.).
3. Moving into a newer, nicer home.

Two things you can probably find us doing if you stopped by our house randomly:
1. Andre would be playing video games.
2. I would be reading a book.

One thing left to say:
1. Happy anniversary, hubby.

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