Book Review: The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter

After All the Pretty Girls  was released, Karin Slaughter started getting really hyped up in my age group. I had heard of Slaughter be...

After All the Pretty Girls was released, Karin Slaughter started getting really hyped up in my age group. I had heard of Slaughter before, because my mom reads her novels, and I was never really interested in her. I'm a fan of trendy (sue me), fast-paced thrillers, and I never really knew much about Slaughter's books.
I heard about The Kept Woman through the Booksparks Fall Reading Challenge, and it had sounded interesting, so I picked up a copy the day the library got it in. It took me just at a week to read the book, which is pretty slow for me, but I'm not sure if this was me not being into the book or just because I've been crazy busy with schoolwork.
Anyways, this book is book #8 in the Will Trent series, but works fine as a stand alone novel. I had no clue it was part of a series until I added it on Goodreads, but I read it anyways and had no issues following along. Will Trent is an agent in the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation). Boom! I'm automatically hooked because it's set in Atlanta, so I know most of the places the novel refers to. I can picture these places in my head seamlessly, which was pretty cool. So, Trent is a GBI agent on the case of a dead cop found in a star basketball player's abandoned club. Obviously, there's a lot to the story.
The book has very minimal switched perspectives, but I read this book almost like an episode of CSI or something. You (the reader) gets all of this information from the GBI's side for most of the story, then BAM, it flips so you know what really happened. It was truly an interesting read.
I usually enjoy thrillers where you can't really trust the main character, but this is more of a crime thriller, which isn't my usual cup of tea. I did enjoy the story, however, and I would definitely read Slaughter again.
There were a few things I wish I'd had more information on in the end, but other than that, the novel was pretty great.

Have you read any of Slaughter's novel or any in the Will Trent series?

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