How To Use Pumpkins to Decorate the Home for the Harvest Season

I love pumpkins! They're so pretty and I wish it was socially acceptable to keep them up as d...

I love pumpkins! They're so pretty and I wish it was socially acceptable to keep them up as decoration  year-round. While I love a real pumpkin and a pumpkin patch, I really like to keep up with faux pumpkins to use year-to-year. (We've established I'm cheap, I'm sure.) 
Over the past several years, I haven't got around to decorating much outside, but interior pumpkins are totally my jam, and I wanted to share how I decorate with pumpkins inside the home. 
Entryway Table or Mantle
We don't have a mantle, but our entryway table (made by my mom and moi) serves a double purpose, as I always decorate it as such. Here, I've stacked several pumpkins, while also filling space with the regular flower vase, and some photos. I made sure to add into several filler pumpkins a jar to fill more space.

Television Stand or Console

I definitely don't want to take away too much space in front of the tv and block the view or the remote sensors, but adding a few pumpkins around the photo frames adds just enough festiveness to the area.


I already stack some fun things on top of the bookshelf to fill the space, but throwing in some pumpkins definitely add in some fun decor.

Kitchen or Dining Room Table (Centerpiece)

Small pumpkin and gourd fillers, moss balls or floral pieces, and a cake stand can easily transform any table in your home as a centerpiece. I added in the moss and the succulent for some pops of contrasting color, which I think turned out nicely.

I also use pumpkin scented wax melts to keep the house smelling festive! The best thing about decorating with pumpkins is that they can seamlessly transition between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Check out this post where I talked a little bit more about decor for the harvest season, and includes the links to where I got the lovely pumpkins featured in this post.

So, how do you use pumpkins in your home decor during autumn?

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