How I Style My Hair By Doing Basically Nothing

I'm lazy, guys. Like, so lazy. In fact, when I do laundry on the weekends, I hang up my clean clothes as outfits, so each morning...

I'm lazy, guys. Like, so lazy. In fact, when I do laundry on the weekends, I hang up my clean clothes as outfits, so each morning, I just roll out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed and leave. I wake up and I'm out of the house in less than 20 minutes. So, of course I never do my hair in the morning. Instead, I style it while I sleep.

I know, I know. You want to know how. Well, see below.

I shower at night (no hairdryer needed). Then I towel dry my hair.

Once my hair is towel dried, I spray it with a root volumizer and brush the volumizer through my hair.

Using my usual part (centered), I place a headband around my head, over my hair, with the front of the headband placed on my forehead.

Then taking approximately one-inch sections of my hair, I wrap my hair around and tuck it into the headband. I do this with my hair all the way around (usually, the back doesn't tuck great, but the headband will leave some creases and, voila, waves).

Next, I go to sleep.

When I wake up the next morning, I take out the headband and brush out the curls. I don't use any extra product to hold in place, because it stays pretty well and looks naturally messy without any hairspray or anything. My hair is super fine, so this gives it volume and makes it look full (which works great, since my head is huuuuge).

I don't wear makeup throughout the week, so I just get up and go with this look. If I do plan on wearing makeup for that day (see below), I'll leave the headband in until right before I leave the house to give those waves extra staying power.

This is my daily (nightly?) hair styling routine, and it works great on my short hair. When my hair was longer, I generally rolled my hair when it was dry, because it wouldn't dry as I slept being rolled up like that. I would then typically need to use extra product for it to stay.

I love this fun and messy look. It's the girl's equivalent to bedhead and it's just too easy to do each day. I only wash my hair every other night, so the nights I don't wash my hair, I still wrap it and then spray it with dry shampoo in the morning to get the same tousled look!

Are you lazy at styling your hair, too? Tell me more about your tips and tricks!

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