How to Have the Perfect Fourth of July Celebration

This is a pre-written sponsored post in collaboration with Rec Warehouse. I received one-time monetary compensation for this post.  Thi...

This is a pre-written sponsored post in collaboration with Rec Warehouse. I received one-time monetary compensation for this post. 
This Fourth of July, celebrate America's independence with a new above ground pool from Rec Warehouse.

Summer is a season for rest and relaxation, play and spontaneity. Children are out of school, and the incessant need to be outside is palpable for young and old alike. Adults reminisce on past summertime fun from their childhood and kids do not even realize the extended days of sunlight and time away from the responsibility of schoolwork will one day be just a cherished memory. Popsicles, barbecues, cold brews, and fresh berries are on everyone's summertime menu. The smell of begonias, marigolds, geraniums, and jasmine fill the air and baseball games stream from the portable radios and television sets. For many, this is the most wonderful time of the year.

The warming temperatures offer an annual escape from the confinement of a winter-locked home and give everyone an excuse to venture outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. After people break out of seclusion, there is nothing more quintessentially American than a poolside neighborhood BBQ and Fourth of July party. If you are planning on celebrating Independence Day with your friends, family, and neighbors this year, here are some tips for making your party a celebration to remember.

Make food simple and crowd pleasing.
Keep things easy for big parties by preparing as much as you can ahead of time. No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen when they have guests at their home. Plan out what utensils and serving dishes you want to use before your guests show up and make sure cold and warm dishes stay at their respective desired temperatures with ice baths and chaffing dishes.

Serve chilled drinks for guests of every age.
When it is hot outside everyone wants to stay cool with a refreshing beverage. Have a healthy stock of drinks suitable for partygoers of all ages. Bottled water, sodas, juice boxes, and cold adult beverages are a good starting point.

Decorations make the evening sparkle.
Simple additions to your decor can make a party atmosphere truly graceful. Try adding twinkle lights to outdoor spaces for ample lighting after the sun sets, add a beautiful handmade wreath to your door to welcome guests, and fresh flowers will liven up a room and bring the flourishing outdoors, inside.

Dazzle partygoers with holiday-centric decorations and activities for people of all ages. 

Mix it up with music.
A satisfying collection of music can give any celebration a little more liveliness. Before the commencement of your gathering, create a playlist and set up speakers so attendees can subtly enjoy your chosen tunes.  

Facilitate the fun.
Every soiree needs a focal point, so guests are not loitering around without anything to do. Fourth of July almost always includes a fireworks display and some sparklers for the kids, but you can make this year even more special by installing a pool in your yard so guests can watch the fireworks show in their bathing suits.

Creating a perfect party ambiance is easier than ever with the help of Rec Warehouse above ground swimming pools. Rec Warehouse is the largest supplier of above ground pools and hot tubs in the Southeast and they also sell a wide assortment of recreation and leisure products like saunas, pool tables, outdoor kitchens, and misting fans. No matter what you need at your party to enhance the entertainment you are sure to find it at Rec Warehouse, and they likely have the perfect something to fit within with your yard and your budget.

There are three Rec Warehouse showrooms conveniently located throughout the Atlanta metro area in Kennesaw, Jonesboro, and Norcross and each one is staffed with intelligent and passionate employees who are committed to ensuring a smooth buying and installation process for your new above ground pool. They can help you sort through all the options from liners and filters, to pumps, covers, and even pool toys. Your backyard has the potential to be like a vacation destination, not just for the Fourth of July, but for many many hot Summer days to come.

Over the years, Rec Warehouse has built itself a reputation of providing important insight, honest customer feedback, and fair prices for quality products. The president and owner of Rec Warehouse, David Doebler, earned his vast industry and product knowledge after his father and uncle started the business back in the 1970’s. Shortly after that, they named him the first official employee, and he has been working on “selling fun for less” ever since. Now David runs the business and employs his three children, whom he hopes will one day carry on the family tradition.

This year, wow your guests and host an Independence Day party with your new above ground pool from Rec Warehouse and you will deliver a big bang, and it will not be from the fireworks.

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