Out Front Theatre Presents Rocky Horror

When I heard that Rocky Horror was going to be performed at a local LGBTQIA theatre company in Atlanta, I was pumped and I knew I had to go!...

When I heard that Rocky Horror was going to be performed at a local LGBTQIA theatre company in Atlanta, I was pumped and I knew I had to go! Rocky Horror always has and always will be one of my very favorite musicals. While I'm 99% sure no performance will ever compare to Tim Curry and the gang, I always enjoy a good live performance of it, and I have seen a couple.

To start off, I will say that my favorite thing about Out Front Theatre's rendition of the play is that there were no gender roles when it came to the performers - females played the parts of Riff Raff and Dr. Frank'N'Furter. A male played the part of Magenta. It was pretty superb.

Kiona Reese as Dr. Frank'N'Furter
Photography by Tyler Ogburn Photography

I'd never been to Out Front before this performance, and the setting is very small, which means that the entire auditorium is a stage. You get to really be part of the performance, without actually being interacted with - which was pretty new to me. I've gone to large performances where it's simply performers and and audience. And I've been to small black box performances, where you may be directly talked to or touched. But I've never been to one where the performance is all around you, but you're not (really) being interacted with.

The performers were amazing - they killed each and every song and hit all the notes. I was really impressed. The costumes were fun, and the performances entertaining. Rocky was a bit chatty, which was a bit different. While the set was very simplistic, I think they used it well. And while there were a few technical difficulties (there was a live band, which was sometimes louder than the actors and a few times the mic went out), it was still a great and fun performance I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not sure I would ever not enjoy a performance of Rocky Horror.

Out Front Theatre will be hosting performances of Rocky Horror through November 5. Check out the site to purchase tickets and get more information. And make sure to buy a prop bag for fun call-outs.

We also checked out One Rooster for lunch, which is within the same block and we were blown away. It's a Mongolian grill, where you get to pick out your ingredients and they make the bowl for you. It was surprisingly inexpensive and not so surprisingly delicious. So give that a try, too, when you go see the play.

Special thanks to BRAVE Public Relations in Atlanta for providing a pair of tickets in exchange for this honest review. 

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