Book Review: After You by Jojo Moyes

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: A book about death or grief.  Brief synopsis:  After losing the man she loves, Louisa Clark ...

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: A book about death or grief. 

Brief synopsis: After losing the man she loves, Louisa Clark has to figure out the best way to live her life from here on out. Left with a bit of money, she buys an apartment, works at an airport bar, and has lost most communication with her family. But when an unexpected visitor appears at her front door, her life becomes a bit more chaotic. She then has to learn to choose between what's right for her, and what's right for those she loves.

I know, I know. I'm a few years late on this. I read Me Before You quite a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Then went and saw the movie, which was wonderful - but maybe wouldn't have made sense if I hadn't had read the book first.

But anyways, I finally got around to reading After You because my sister let me borrow it. (Then immediately after finishing it, Book of the Month released the third book in the series, Still Me, as a February pick!)

So, I loved Me Before You, but it was heartbreaking and I sobbed for quiet some time. After You is not quiet as sad, which is almost odd - because the book's major them is overcoming grief. I felt like Louisa was almost an entirely different character, which I'm going to attribute to the fact that she is going through a ton of grief - which I would assume changes people wildly. I would have loved incredibly quirky and eccentric Louisa, because I feel a solid connection to her - but I think I understand what Moyes was trying to do with the change of character.

Once I started reading, I got through the novel fairly quickly. Now I'm pretty excited for the third book to arrive, so I can start reading it, too, and see what Louisa does next!


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  1. I read Me Before You last spring and I do have After You which I bought in the same time with the first book, but still I haven't come around to pick it up. I don't know why :) But I guess I really should read it soon.

    1. Yeah - it's the perfect time, since the third book just released!