How to Update an Accidentally Bleached Shirt

I have this shirt I'm completely obsessed with . I honestly used to wear it probably twice or more a week. Until I wore it to the...

I have this shirt I'm completely obsessed with. I honestly used to wear it probably twice or more a week. Until I wore it to the hair salon, thinking "Hey, it'll be safe. They know what they're doing here." I wore it out that night, and it wasn't until I got home that I noticed my entire back was bleached.

So, then it sat in my closet for months and months, until I decided "I'm going to fix this and make it wearable again." So, I did. Here's how.

What I used:

Shirt to "fix"
Concentrated bleach
A small tray or bucket
Rubber bands
Scissors (optional)

What I did:

Step one. Figure out where the stain is and how to resolve it/cover it up. Mine was about halfway up my back, so I used a rubber band to separate the stain from the upper part of the shirt. 

Step two. Using gloves (because I'm not trying to bleach myself), I poured bleach into a bucket. I got this small bottle of Clorox at the Dollar Tree (for one dollar!), which was the perfect size for this activity.

Step three. Dip the shirt into the bleach below the rubber band you placed. Make sure it's fully covered. I rubbed bleach in places there weren't getting as wet to make sure it took. All it takes is 30 seconds or so to really take. Then I rung out the excess bleach, being careful not to get it on other parts of the shirt (if you do, though, don't worry - see below).

Step four. Lay out the shirt somewhere you don't mind bleach dripping, to allow it to dry. Tear or cut off the rubber band to keep the shirt evenly laid out. You may even want to use some of the excess bleach to splatter on the upper portion of the shirt. I honestly did it by dipping the gloves into the bleach and splashing it onto the shirt as it was laid out.

Step five. Once the shirt is dry or just fairly damp, through it into the washer by itself to wash, then dry. And you're good to go.


How have you fixed fashion when it starts to slip or an accident messes it up? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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  1. OMG I love that you thought to do this. I don't know that it ever would've occurred to me to salvage it this way - & I love the way it looks!

    1. It sat it my closet so long before I got around to doing it. I thought about tye-dying too, but didn't want to spend the extra money on tye-dye. Lol. The bleach was just $1 though.