A Weekend Getaway to Savannah, Georgia

A bit overdue, but hubby and I took a mini-trip during our long weekend for Memorial Day. We drove down to Savannah, and honestly...

A bit overdue, but hubby and I took a mini-trip during our long weekend for Memorial Day. We drove down to Savannah, and honestly, why do we not go more? It's only a 4-hour drive, which ultimately isn't too far to go for a weekend every once in a while. The city is so full of history, and ultimately so gorgeous. Looking back, we didn't take a ton of pictures, which is totally okay because we were relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Not to mention we were also enjoying the drinks - Savannah allows open containers basically everywhere, so you can walk all over town with a drink in hand. Granted, during the day all you'll really want is to gulp down water - the temperatures are high and the humidity's even higher.

So we arrived on Saturday, planning to take a nap when we got there - but we were really just reeling to go. Upon arrival at Hotel Indigo, we were handed complimentary mimosas, so I was immediately taken with our hotel. Parking was valet only, as it seems to be with many of the accommodations in Downtown Savannah. So be mindful of that if a trip to Savannah's on your list!

During our first day, we visited River Street (of course!) and went to Wet Willie's for the first time. I'm going to make a big deal here, because they have sugar free alcoholic slushies. I repeat. Wet Willie's has sugar free alcoholic slushies. It's a big deal because while alcohol already has lots of sugars and isn't great for diabetes (or anyone else actually), mixed drinks are absolutely terrible for blood glucose levels. But the fact they have sugar free mixed drinks? I was in love. And also very tipsy, because those drinks are loaded.

After a drink, we went for dinner over at Wild Wing Cafe (basically Buffalo Wild Wings), then explored City Market after dark. We stopped by The Rail Pub (which is apparently the best dive bar in America), Pour Larry's, Tree House (which was just insanely overcrowded, but played the best music from my high school dances), and ended with drinks at The Georgia Tasting Room (which housed 6 wine samples for $3 and amazing frosé and some of our favorite sour beers to-go). We finished up with a large pizza from Vinnie Van Go Go's and some pralines and gelato from Southern Candy & Baked Goods while we waited. The Prohibition Museum is right there in City Market, too - speakeasy included.

The next day, we started off with a righteous deluxe chicken biscuit (with cheese and pickles) and a side of hashpuppies (OMG) from Rise for me (holy hell, it was delicious) and a smoothie for hubs. Then we went out and about walking the city and made it to a handful of Savannah's 24 squares, including Chippewa - where Forrest Gump sat. Unfortunately the bench is gone to live in a museum, but it was still neat to get to be in such a monumental movie place. Just beside that is Gallery Espresso where we stopped for a quick iced coffee. We also stopped by the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, but since it was Sunday and therefore, mass, we didn't get to go inside. But it is fairly close the first Girl Scouts Headquarters, so that was kind of cool to accidentally run into, as well.

After an incredible amount of walking, we drove out to Tybee for a couple of hours. It was a super dreary, sprinkly day, so we didn't really go swimming or anything, but we really did enjoy walking along the beach and throughout the shops. When we got back from the beach, I fell and busted my ass on the rain soaked sidewalk at the valet station and had to blowdry my dress before heading out to dinner. Don't wear flipflops in the rain, kids.

We finished out the night with dinner from Sorry Charlie's Oyster Bar, where I tried my first oyster. I ordered only one, and honestly, it just tasted like the cocktail sauce I topped it with. So there's that.

We left Monday morning (Memorial Day) to head back home. I had a quick conversation at the coffee bar in the hotel with Jamie Chung, who I sadly didn't recognize until the valet pointed her out to us when we were waiting for our car. Alongside her was her husband, Bryan Greenberg, who I didn't talk to - but he was in One Tree Hill and The Mindy Project, so I really missed out on my big celebrity sighting.

Overall, we had a fantastic relaxing vacation. I enjoyed all the R & R we got, and there's truly nothing like spending time with the hubby.

Have you ever been to Savannah, or do you ever plan to go? What's been your favorite experience there?

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