Book Review: You by Caroline Kepnes

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: A book about a villain or antihero. Brief synopsis : Joe Goldberg runs a trendy booksto...

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: A book about a villain or antihero.

Brief synopsis: Joe Goldberg runs a trendy bookstore in New York. One day, Guinevere Beck enters - she's clever, witty, and loves obscure books others only pretend to enjoy. Joe is immediately smitten with Beck and tries a series of tactics to win her over. Only, these aren't your typically tactics. In fact, he may actually be stalking her. But Beck's the girl of his dreams, and he's obviously her perfect match. Right?

I've been hearing about You for months (years?) honestly, but just got around to finally gathering it from the library to read. It's funny how impending books to film/television adaptations will do that to you, right? Push you to read something you've been holding off on. Anyways, I'm so immensely glad I read this novel. Or a better word would be devoured, because I seriously could not put it down. It was creepy in the best possible way and the ending was highly satisfying in the worst way.

There's truly a deeper meaning, though. You makes you second-guess your social media presence and the things you do online and how just the slightest bit of research allows others to find out so much about you (as I type this out on my blog, which I will later share to all my social media networks). The world we live in is honestly a scary place, and we should be more careful and more aware of those we allow into our lives. This novel is a testament to that.

Joe's character is terrifying, a sociopathic psychopath. But the other characters in this novel will show you there's good and bad in all of us, and the most charming people can be the worst kinds of people. This novel will play with your head and confuse you as to who's side you're actually on.

A bit Gossip Girl meets Psycho, Caroline Kepnes's You will completely pull you in, enthralling you into this scary world of internet personas and secrets kept. I would highly, highly recommend this one, especially before the Netflix/Lifetime adaptation, which will be out this fall. Check out the trailer below.

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