The Journey to My Dream Hair: Part I (Plus a Giveaway!)

In partnership with Formulate. I received a haircare set from Formulate in order to create this blog post. ...

In partnership with Formulate. I received a haircare set from Formulate in order to create this blog post.

Does anyone else feel like if they're hair looks good, they look/feel good? I am constantly trying to make my hair work for me, whether it's adding bangs, dying it a fun color, or figuring out how to add just the right amount of curls. I've always struggled with my hair, for many reasons, including:

-greasy roots

-fine hair

-split ends

-humidity/frizz (I live in Georgia, what can I expect?)

And though I use shampoos and conditioners that claim to help with those problems, usually they'll only combat one or two, and also should be combined with styling products. Let me tell you - one of the only styling products I ever use is dry shampoo. It's very rare I'll use other products (occasionally flat iron spray, and do I even own hairspray?).

Luckily, Formulate engineers customized shampoo and conditioners for each of their customers and it's honestly such an easy process. First I filled out a quick survey about my haircare needs, talked about my location (it checks the weather/humidity!), and just a couple of weeks later, I had a new shampoo and conditioner set at my door. And you can win your own customized set (totally free, including free shipping) by entering my giveaway below!

Formulate's products are preservative free, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free. And they guarantee satisfaction. I worked with Caroline throughout my entire process and she was so kind and helpful! She also let me know that it takes (on average) three formulas before finding perfection. There's a free app to install (I know, another app - but it's easy-to-use!), and you can input your thoughts and feedback, plus receive coins towards purchases  by posting on social media and sharing with friends! Using the app and sharing feedback is the best way to find the best formula for you.

I really love that I get to customize so much about my shampoo & conditioner set, down to the scent and how strong the scent it. I'm really loving the strong Verdant scent - it matches me perfectly and smells so relaxing.

I'd say my biggest complaints are that the conditioner is not as thick as I'm used to, so it took some getting used to when applying it to my hair because it would run out of my hand - not to mention neither the shampoo or conditioner get very sudsy, which I've heard is actually a good thing. It was just weird getting used to that. I also feel like I'm having to wash a little bit more often, because my hair is getting dirtier faster. I may have to retrain it to be able to get back to two washes a week without it looking pretty gross after two days.

I honestly felt like I saw results after my very first wash, but from what I understand, that's not typical. Check out my results over the last couple of weeks and see if you visually notice I difference. I sure do. *Each of these pictures was taken after an air dry with no additional product or styling (other than brushing).

Be sure to follow along with my full journey in my Instagram story highlights!

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