The JOMO of Taking a Trip to the Historic Pennsylvania Countryside

It's because of big cities that the American countryside doesn’t get the attention it should. Many travelers just want to explore ...

It's because of big cities that the American countryside doesn’t get the attention it should. Many travelers just want to explore the concrete jungles but never really venture too far away from the busy spots. The further out you go away from the cities, the more likely you are to find flat open fields where fresh air is abundant and there's hardly a hint of car smog. It's also where the wildlife truly comes into its own and it's not uncommon to see eagles flying in the sky above and fish swimming in local streams. All of that is missed when you just stick to paved roads and glimmering storefronts. As more and more folks are becoming interested in JOMO (joy of missing out), a trip to the countryside may be just what you're looking for.

Pennsylvania is one of those states that is known especially for its great countryside, and its large population of Amish towns. There are large open grasslands and plenty of trails that lead from small historic points. If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday, then a visit to Montgomery County, where you can learn about the history of the country as well as dig into some rustic cuisine, may be in store. I've never personally been to Pennsylvania, but my best friend has family from there and my first-ever visit to the airport was to drop her off for her flight there.

Where to lay your head

First thing's first, you need somewhere you can lay your head at night (or for a day nap), but still be among the countryside. You also don’t want to be too far from those small, local attractions so a hotel near Valley Forge National Park is a preferred option if you're really wanting to get down into the nitty gritty of small-town life. There, you'll have 3,600 acres to explore at your own wish and whim. There are many bike trails to explore, but if you just want to take a nice walk, go for it. The park is historically important as 12,000 troops camped here and there are many historical areas where you can learn about why. The countryside around the hotel is very flat so you can see for tens of miles just with the naked eye.

Finding your own way

Much like any other countryside, there are fun things to do that involve being self-sufficient. There are ranger programs to sign up for which will be a type of challenge that will last the whole day. The rangers offer a chance to sharpen your map reading skills, use a compass in thick vegetation to find your way out, and of course survival techniques. If you're more interested in hiking, but not survival of the fittest, there's a historic path where you can walk "in the shoes" of soldiers from the 18th century. You’ll experience their way of life and walk along the same paths and rivers they did. The rangers are very knowledgeable so you can ask them any questions while they give you the guided tour.

Feeling full?

One of my favorite things during traveling is eating meals that are popular in the area/region, so you'd probably want to enjoy a rustic meal while out in the Pennsylvania country-side. Parc Bistro boasts classic meals like mashed potatoes and steak or even something lighter like sea bass with chickpeas. Smothered in herbs and sauce, there are so many local dishes to enjoy in during your stay.

Pennsylvania is a state that is famous for its countryside leisure. If you just want to be left alone and have a relaxing time walking up trails enjoying the sun and fresh air, maybe add Montgomery County to your travel list.

How do you like to get away from the city?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places top visit, as my recent solo-weekend-post demonstrated. It's so great!

    1. YES! Your solo-weekend was very inspiring. I've never been to Pennsylvania, but it seems so relaxing!