Book Review: Recursion by Blake Crouch

TW: Death, violence I've been waiting for Recursion  since the very moment I found out about it. Dark Matter is high on my...

TW: Death, violence

I've been waiting for Recursion since the very moment I found out about it. Dark Matter is high on my list of all-time favorite novels, and while I've yet to read the series - I loved the tv adaptation of Wayward Pines (specifically season one). Though I had no clue what the book was about going into it (I seriously just jumped on the chance to read it), I have to say that Recursion absolutely did not disappoint.

This terrifying and exhilarating sci-fi novel follows two main characters - New York cop Barry and brilliant scientist Helena - in a story about memory versus reality. Barry's story focuses on a new disorder plaguing the city, False Memory Syndrome (FMS), which is literally driving people insane and ruining lives. Helena is working on a memory cure of sorts, something to help ail her mother's deep-set Alzheimers. 

It's so difficult to talk about this novel in a way that doesn't spill any part of the story. There is so much I want to share and discuss, but to do so would give away critical pieces of the plot. Honestly, though, Crouch is an actual genius. I cannot even fathom the way his brain works to be able to write these sci-fi novels that could totally become real-life. It's all very Black Mirror, and in a way that's mind-boggling but also makes me feel smart because I understand what's actually happening. I will say, however, there were two parts of the story I thought didn't add up with earlier plot points/theories within in the story, but that may just have been me trying to understand science fiction and things I swear my mind is not equipped to handle.

"You think you're tasting this wine, hearing the words I'm saying, in the present, but there's no such thing. The neural impulses from your taste buds and your ears get transmitted to your brain, which processes them and dumps them into working memory - so by the time you know you're experiencing something, it's already in the past. Already a memory." - Recursion, Blake Crouch

I will say this - read this book. Blake Crouch is a phenomenal writer that tells stories that are so original and enthralling. This book started off at a sprint and never slowed down. It's such a good story. So good, in fact, it's being turned into a Netflix original created by Shonda Rhimes (yes, THE Shonda). Pick this book up immediately. Or better yet, add it to your next Book of the Month box, or even to the new YA Book of the Month box (they have some great picks, too).

Goodreads rating: ★★★★★

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  1. I’m so glad you loved it! I did too. And I agree that he’s a straight up genius! Like.... how?!?!?

    1. I seriously have no clue how his brain works like that. He's miraculous!