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This post has been sponsored by, however, all opinions are entirely my own. In the true spirit of adulthood, we&#...

This post has been sponsored by, however, all opinions are entirely my own.

In the true spirit of adulthood, we're hoping to purchase a house soon (but haven't yet, so this is all pre-meditated, wishful thinking). So, I - being the dramatic human that I am - thought maybe we'd go the extra mile with the party planning, right? Maybe be a little extra and create an entire housewarming party invitation kit, complete with invitation, RSVP card, registry information, and directions all inside a fancy little pocket to keep it together.

I checked out the website over at and explored all the options they have available and let me tell you - there are so many. I decided to choose from the wedding invitation sets and there are over 1000! I chose a couple different options including the new hearts moving announcement and for the full set I went with the flowing ferns wedding invitations, thank you cards, and response cards alongside the floral celebration registry cards and directions cards all enclosed inside the basic invite traditional pocket. Even though these options came from different sets, I was able to customize the colors and fonts to create a consistent look between the different cards.

Am I doing too much? Am I being a bit too extra? Which one would you choose of the two above?

While I was sifting through all the options available on Basic Invite, I may have come across a few random options too.

Graduation announcements

I know it's been a few months, but I worked long and hard to earn my master's while working full-time and I'd like everybody to know, okay? Don't judge me. So, I compiled a few of my wedding pictures taken by the wonderful Sarah and popped them into the finally done graduation announcements because HELLO - it took me an extra year but I freaking did it!

Business cards

On my second round of 101 in 1001, I talked about finally ordering some business cards for the blog and social channels, and so this was a perfect opportunity to give a few options a try. I am absolutely loving the clear and frosted options Basic Invite has (including wedding invites!), so I knew I wanted to try out the big intro clear business cards and the big name clear business cards. I opted for one to be totally clear and the other to be frosted.

I'm still deciding between the two. Which one is your favorite?

Wedding invitations

Okay, okay. So I actually got married almost four years ago. And I really liked our wedding invitations, but these forest watercolor seal & send wedding invitations are so cool. They're pre-addressed and include a tear-off RSVP postcard to send back. It's everything you need all in one and I am obsessed. These would've gone perfect with our fall whimsical woodsy wedding. I'm also a huge fan of these fall coasters wedding favors, though I actually really loved the Whitter button pins we had on our big day.

Seriously, Basic Invite has so many options, there's bound to be something you're looking for regardless of the occasion. Everything is fully customizable (as you can see from the fact I made wedding invitation sets into housewarming invitations). You can pick the colors and fonts and move everything around. There are so many different paper options to choose from (I chose different papers for all the different items above). And it's the only site I've found where you can actually order custom samples so you can truly see what your order will look like in your hands before ordering full sets of multiple invitations or whatever.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE those clear business cards, & I can't decide which of the two I like best, either. They're both so cool!

    1. I love them both so much. I really need to order an entire set of them, maybe half and half.