How to Make the Most of Your Reading Time

Reading is a hobby that transcends almost anything else. That being said, the constant reader has the ability to go deeper into a story...

Reading is a hobby that transcends almost anything else. That being said, the constant reader has the ability to go deeper into a story or a set of ideas, to truly transport themselves to the vision of the author while also constructing the details in their own imagination. To this end, reading is deeply personal while also a very sociable and democratic activity.

Past any pretentious descriptions though, reading is just great fun, no matter what genres speak out to you the most. (We all know how much I love a good thriller!) With that in mind, getting the most out of your reading can be a true exercise in potential and can help open you up to many more forms of reading experience as the years pass on. Check out these quick tips on how to get the most out of your reading time.

Craft A Perfect Sitting Environment

We all have our favorite places to read. I would love to read outside more often, but don't have the space to do so where I can be comfortable and unafraid of spiders lurking. Instead you can find me cozied up on our sofa if I'm at home, or lounging on my office lounge space at work. Obviously I can read anywhere, but I can really soak into a story if I'm one of my favorite comfy spaces. I often try to read in bed, but find myself taking a nap instead (I sure do love naps). Maybe a nook is more up your alley, and it's definitely an end goal of mind in terms of trying to create the perfect home space. I'm sure you've got a space that you gravitate towards when it's time to read that helps you make the most of your reading time.

Track Your Reading

This isn't a goal of everyone, but I certainly love to track my reading. I enjoy knowing how many pages I've read and how many books I've finished. It's something I thoroughly enjoy - just checking off book after book from my TBR. I tend to use Goodreads to set reading goals each year, and while I don't use it to best of its functionality, I definitely place my books on "Currently Reading" as soon as I pick up a book to read and I "Finish" it and rate it in the app once I'm done. I also like being able to get up-to-the-minute information regarding authors releasing new books and enter the many giveaways. I love that Goodreads is a free service and would love to see the app develop over the next few years to a more user-friendly experience.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

So many people underestimate comfort. But if you’re going to sit reading for a while, it is really important that you’re in a comfortable position. Sitting in a chair with proper back support can help your overall wellbeing. Having proper reading glasses and reading in a well-lit space can save your eyes strain. Having a glass of water nearby can make sure you stay hydrated throughout your reading session. These simple steps can make so much difference!

Consider The Indulgences

I also think it's incredibly important to consider what is important to you when it comes to reading, even those things some people may consider "guilty pleasures." Do not be afraid to enjoy them, and don't feel guilty about it. So you love Fifty Shades of Grey? Who the heck cares? It's actually that trilogy that got me back into reading so heavily. I'm serious (and I actually talk more about it here). So what if you enjoy reading a steamy romance outside of your usual reading habits, or you love the gore and horror of a Stephen King novels (or you don't!), or maybe you enjoy reading about red wine facts to know that supplement your complimentary reading drink of choice? A little glass of red can go with any book perfectly, especially on those cold winter evenings (and I've heard a glass is pretty good for your heath). We all like what we like, and feeling as if we cannot enjoy them to any degree simply prevents us from focusing on the things that give us joy. And, of course, that’s not what reading is about.

How do you make sure you're making the most of your reading? 

*This is a collaborative post. 

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