More Atlanta-Area Stranger Things Filming Locations and Props

This post is going live on November 6, which is Stranger Things Day!  So I hope you're c elebrating Stranger Things anyway you kno...

This post is going live on November 6, which is Stranger Things Day! So I hope you're celebrating Stranger Things anyway you know how

A couple months ago, I shared a one-day filming locations tour, complete with a handy-dandy map for your own planning purposes. So today, I wanted to share some of the other locations I've been since then. 

Hawkins National Laboratory 
Georgia Mental Health Institute at Emory @ 1256 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta

I had tried to visit this during our original one-day locations tour and it was closed. I've now visited multiple times, because it's actually only 15 minutes from my work. Gates are opened daily until 5pm, but the building is restricted. We've definitely wondered around and peeked in all the windows though. There's a lot of random garbage and old office crap inside the building, so it's fun to peek in and see what's actually ST stuff. The first time we visited, the main entrance doors on the top level still had some sticky residue that said "Hawkins" something another, but more recently it's been cleaned. The mid-level is where all the cool parts to walk around are. It's actually a pretty cool space with overgrown gardens. But you can park in the lot where Hopper parks, and can look into the building to see the space where Bob died (RIP). It's definitely worth carving out some time in your day to explore.

Brimborn Steelworks
Atlanta Utility Works @ 2903 RN Martin St, East Point

This is in a kind of random, sketchy area (we literally saw people hopping over fences and sneaking into the woods by the road), so we didn't get out and explore. But this is where Billy gets dragged down and initially flayed. The gates are locked, so there was no exploration to be had unfortunately.
*This is very close to the neighborhood where Mike, Lucas, and Dustin's houses are filmed, as well the Hawkins Community Pool (Southbend), Hawkins General Hospital (season 1), and Hawkins Town Hall (exterior). Be sure to check out this post for more information about those places. 

Merrill's Pumpkin Farm
Sleepy Hollow Farm @ 628 Sleepy Hollow Rd, Powder Springs

This is actually somewhere you can have a full-blown experience. The pumpkin farm from season two is an actual pumpkin and Christmas tree farm, and the location of Hopper's cabin. The cabin was built on the farm property specifically for the show and still stands (as well as the shed outside the cabin). Most of the interior scenes are filmed on a soundstage in Atlanta at EUE Screen Gem Studios, but the exterior scenes are filmed on-location. The inside of the cabin is currently used as an escape room. But during the fall season, the farm puts on Stranger Things tours. So we were able to visit the cabin and go inside (the interior furniture is not from the show, but was thrifted and purchased by the farm owners to try and replicate what is seen on the show). We also got a chance to see the actual space used for the rotting pumpkin farm, and where Hopper and the gang actually enter the Upside Down. (The giant hole was actually dug into the ground on-location, but has since been filled in because safety.) There's some crappier pictures on my Instagram Stories "Stranger Things" highlights, but it was difficult to get great pictures since the tour was at night and pretty crowded. You've got to participate in the Stranger Things tour or a the Escape Woods escape room to visit the cabin.

Actual pieces of the set, props, and costumes

A smaller piece of information that's actually tougher to find is that The Carter Center Presidential Museum currently has a film exhibit with lots of props and costumes from Georgia-filmed movies and tv shows. There are a lot and I took a ton of pictures, but I'll just share the Stranger Things stuff here. It's only $12 to enter the Carter Center and the film exhibit can be viewed free with general admission. It was really cool to see the actual alphabet wall, and see Eleven's iconic pink dress in person.

I love to geek out over all the Stranger Things stuff.  I have a ton of shirts, and tend to drive by some of the locations fairly often to check for updates. I've still got a handful of places to check off my list, then I'll add more after season 4.

Have you visited any filming locations? Where would you be most excited to go?

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  1. Love it! Happy Stranger Things Day!!! I hate I missed this latest adventure, but so HAPPY you shared! Xoxoxo

  2. Where is Vecnas House? I am super stoked you shared this! We are doing this in October! ❤️