Here's Why You Should Take A Trip To The Largest Island In Asia

Asia is always a great chunk of the travel bucket list , and probably not just for me. There’s so much to see and do in such a beauti...

Asia is always a great chunk of the travel bucket list, and probably not just for me. There’s so much to see and do in such a beautiful part of the world. And with a continent as big as Asia, there are more than enough places to consider when planning to travel to such a vast land. An Asian island that I'd never heard of until recently is said to be beautiful, and it's actually the largest island in Asia - Borneo.

For a place to relax in paradise away from the stresses of urban life, Borneo is certainly the vacation destination that comes recommended. There are beautiful beaches with gorgeous golden sand and a gradual drop into the ocean. That makes it the perfect place to swim for the entire family.

As might be expected, there are many boat rental options, which is perfect if you’re looking for an entirely fresh perspective. Anchor can be dropped basically anywhere to explore some of the locations around Borneo that are completely inaccessible through any other means.

Incredible Places To Stay

No holiday is complete without lovely accommodations, and there are some truly wonderful options in Borneo. Throw a stone to discover a beautiful place to stay in Borneo, including the rainforest lodge. As the name suggests, this location allows travels to spend their time in a place that's close to nature and offers a spectacular relaxing environment. Seriously, the photos are breathtaking.

Guests are also provided all the luxuries that might be expected by booking a true dream vacation. Spend the day on the beach or in the water, and then spend the evening getting a wonderful massage.

Meet Your New Best Friends

Borneo is known for many fantastic attractions, but there is one that's pretty well known. And it's probably the best place in the world to make friends with some wonderful, inquisitive and playful orangutans. YES, the island of Borneo is filled with these wonderful little creatures who are always eager to say hello. Staying here, guests have the chance to gain some close encounters and there are always experts nearby to provide some fascinating information about these animals too.What a dream.

Exciting Experiences

There are lots of exciting adventures awaiting in Borneo beyond the typical relaxing vacation. For instance, travelers can take a trip down the Kinabatangon River to discover some more of the local wildlife and witness some incredible sites. It's possible to take your own boat down the river or arrange for a guided tour. After returning to the coast, you could even to explore the sea turtle conservation corridor. A lot of Borneo is based around preserving the natural world and it provides the opportunity to explore a place that feels almost completely untouched by mankind.

Borneo could truly be the trip of a lifetime. I love seeing beautiful creatures, especially in their nature environment. And I'm literally obsessed with turtles! This is definitely a destination to add to my never-ending bucket list.

Have you heard of Borneo, or better yet, visited? Tell me everything!

*This is a collaborative guest post.


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