101 in 1001 (Round Two) Update #2

What a perfect day to share my 101 in 1001 update, because today I am 30! I completed my first round of 101 in 1001 starting ...

What a perfect day to share my 101 in 1001 update, because today I am 30!

I completed my first round of 101 in 1001 starting in 2016 and ending just earlier this year. What is 101 in 1001, you ask? It's a list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). This is such a fun process because it's really interesting to see how many things you can complete when you set your mind to it (it's almost like a game!), but it's also really cool to see how your priorities and interests change over time, too. This is round two for me, and I'm excited to see the growth that comes from this challenge.

Please feel free to make your own 101 in 1001 list, or share one you've already got going, into the comments below. Let's cheer each other on.

Start Date: May 6, 2019
Update #1: November 2019
Update #2: June 2020
Finish Date: January 31, 2022

Adventure, Fun, & New Things

01. Travel to five new cities. (2/5) Tampa, Fl, March 2020

16. Visit five new breweries. (3/5) Schoolhouse Brewing, February 2020

22. Go axe-throwing or to a break-stuff room. Axe-throwing at American Axes, February 2020

Fashion, Beauty, & Wellness

27. Try CBD for my anxiety. Meh, I gave some a try but didn't find that it did much for me. I'd like to continue to experiment and see how it goes with different brands, February 2020

28. Develop a skin-care routine. I've tried several things over the past few months, but haven't found anything I've loved yet. I'm planning to try the Glossier skincare set next.

37. Visit a salt room. Intown Salt Room, December 2019

41. Try period panties or the period cup. I've ordered the June Cup and a pair of Thinx, so I am excited to give those a try!

45. Start a vitamin regimen. For the past few months, I've been drinking an Emergen-C in the morning and hers biotin gummies (c/o hers) around lunch. I also take a melatonin gummy before bed, if I need it. I'm not sure if it's the most effective regimen for me, but hopefully it's making an impact. Spring 2020

47. Purchase a leather Madewell bag. January 2020


49. Create an outside space we can enjoy. Our new home has a really cool sunroom space that doubles as a back porch and it's great! It's been such a cool place to hang out and/or work since moving in. We're continuing to make the space cooler and cooler, but so far we're enjoying it.

50. Get a house plant. I've ordered a pothos pearl and jade from Pigment and I cannot wait to get it (and hopefully keep it alive). May 2020

51. Buy a home. We did it! We purchased our first home. Yippee. March 2020

53. Buy a new (to us) fridge. March 2020

54. Buy a new (to us) washer and dryer set. March 2020

55. Purchase an area rug. March 2020

57. Complete gallery wall of wedding photos. This goal may have shifted just a bit. We have hung up all of the printed wedding photos we have in small "galleries" around the living room and entryway. But I'm going to say yes to completion on this one. May 2020


62. Pay off my loans & 63. Pay down my credit cards by half. Still working on this and making progress!


70. Finally purchase a DSLR. Hubby got me one for Christmas! December 2019

Books, TV, & Music

75. Read all the books I already own that I haven't read yet. Wow, hi. What a joke. This never stops growing. But I'm still reading, reading, reading.

76. Read all Stephen King books. Always working on this goal. I read King regularly (though I'm not sure I'll actually get through this goal).

77. Complete a reading challenge each year. 2019 challenge. Working through 2020.

78. Watch at least five of the tv shows currently on my Netflix queue. (1/5) (Here's my queue from 2016, but it is much longer now.) I finally completed Bloodline, so I've marked one off the Netflix list. The problem is now I've watched lots of shows on other platforms, so this goal has maybe become a little different.

80. Watch 10 cult classics I haven't yet seen. (2/10) When Harry Met Sally, March 2020. The Shawshank Redemption, March 2020.

81. Go to a book signing. I got to meet Ransom Riggs when The Conference of the Birds was released. January 2020.

Wow. I feel like I've been oddly productive over the last sixish months. What kinds of experiences have you had over the past six months?

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