One Major Factor In Deciding Which Houses to View During Our Home Search

*I have been compensated for this post, however, all ideas are my own. I've shared a few times about our home-buying process, fro...

*I have been compensated for this post, however, all ideas are my own.

I've shared a few times about our home-buying process, from how it took us around eight months to actually find a home and have an offer accepted, to the one term on our contract that was non-negotiable, to even my home office/library reveal. Today, I wanted to talk a little more about what the actual process was like and more about the different house we looked at.

Buying a house is full of bad times and disappoints, but it certainly is fun when it starts. Reviewing the websites, sifting through the pictures, setting up the time and wandering through the houses. It's fun.

But after looking at 8+ houses at least every Saturday, putting in offers on more than ten houses and them not getting accepted, it becomes exhausting, and you stop kind of looking at the houses you're viewing. It becomes work.

We looked at such an insane amount of houses, and I was usually the one filtering through the MLS website to review listings and pick the ones we were interested in seeing. One of the things that was absolutely imperative to that process was wonderful real estate photos. I needed lots of pictures of a house and to be able to view it over and over again to decide whether or not to physically go see the place.

If you're in the process of selling your own home, or need real estate photography for an AirBnb listing, need a home tour created, or anything in between, Curb Appeal Photography does just about all of it. They are award-winning in the Atlanta area and have been voted in the top 14 Best Atlanta Real Estate Photographers for three years in a row.

We actually looked at a house like the one below that was in the same neighborhood. It was one of my most favorite houses that we looked at, but an offer was accepted before we could place our offer (the entire situation was pretty sketchy - they didn't even give us a chance to offer after our viewing, by the time we viewed it, the other offer was already placed!). I was devastated.

Anyways, Curb Appeal Real Estate Photography offers so fantastic options in packaging and pricing. Plus, if you're in the market for Atlanta GA realtor drone photography, the folks at Curb Appeal can get you situated. Drone photography is the newest thing in real estate photography, and offer potential buyers a new perspective to view your for sale property - a view they can't get any other way!

The team at Curb Appeal is run by founder and chief photographer, Matt Harrison. Other team members include Milt Lee (senior real estate photographer), Alex Smith (real estate photographer), and Chris Butler (video editor/motion designer).

What factors do you look for when deciding whether or not to view a new house?

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