4 Fun Ways To Spend Quality Time With Family

This picture is pre-pandemic from a few years ago. *This is a collaborative post . It’s a beautiful thing to see families spend time togeth...

This picture is pre-pandemic from a few years ago.

*This is a collaborative post.

It’s a beautiful thing to see families spend time together to bond, or even just to goof around. I absolutely love spending time with my family, even when we argue - because more often than not, we sincerely enjoy each others' company. Unfortunately, life’s pressures can oftentimes make it difficult to spend a ton of quality time together, and the pandemic has certainly not helped matters if the entire family doesn't live in one household. But now, more than ever, connections are so important. Here are four fantastic ways to spend quality time with your family, even apart. 

Schedule Regular Family Dinners

If yours is a family with grown-up children who have already left the nest, your best bet is to plan regular dinners where everyone shows up. You may decide to schedule weekly or monthly family dinners. We try to visit my parents and my MIL at least once a month to share a meal, and we did more often before the pandemic hit. On the other hand, if your family is still young with children living at home, make an effort to be present at dinner every night. It helps build a unique bond, affection, and trust. Logically, there may be days you cannot make it to dinner, but the onus rests on you to compensate for the lost time. Make your partner or children understand why you couldn’t make it. Recompense them (safely) with a dinner show everyone can enjoy.

Plan Vacations and Excursions Together

Time away from home can be therapeutic and relaxing for your family. It's time for fun as well. Before you embark on a vacation however, take a moment to get ideas from each family member. This helps bring a sense of belonging to each member of the family. It is also an opportunity to discover what individual members love to do for fun. Some may prefer a beach vacation or one that involves hiking. During this challenging time, outdoor excursion are a great way to get out while social distancing. 

Have a Family Game Night

Board games or shared online games present an opportunity to promote healthy family competitions. There are so many opportunities to connect via online games lately - I've played a version of Cards Against Humanity online since the pandemic started, and it was a freaking hoot! So much fun. While you’re at it, other members can dig out photo albums of grandparents or parents when they were younger. The memories connected to these printed images are bound to create a lasting connection for you. Perhaps, it is the perfect moment to capture more shots for future reference. You never know, these fun traditions you set may be carried on to the next generation through your children.

Clean the House Together

This certainly doesn’t sound like a fun activity but just read further to discover how you can turn it around. Doing activities together with family is fun. You still don’t get it? Imagine deciding to give your living room a new look, so you decide to move some furniture around. In your bid to declutter your living space, everyone pitches in to help with some creative ideas of their own. You’ll be surprised what ideas even your four-year-old could come up with. Safety is the watchword here as you do something productive with your family.

A fun time as a family is the perfect time to bond. Today, technology makes it even more possible to find new and exciting activities to share.

How do you spend quality time together?

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