Check-in: The Search for All New Doctors Continues

*I have been compensated for this post. All thoughts are my own. I posted just over a month ago about how my search to find new docto...

*I have been compensated for this post. All thoughts are my own.

I posted just over a month ago about how my search to find new doctors has been since moving. I was able to find a new diabetic doctor and had an appointment with her. And I love her. The experience was so wonderful. We actually had a real conversation. She's very active with the online portal, so I can communicate with her regularly so we can stay on top of my diabetes management. I've actually been bad about not sending her follow-up info in the portal, and I certainly take responsibility for that. But she shared that I would get out what I put into our doctor/patient relationship and that's so much more than I could ever expect from my previous endocrinologist.

I haven't seen a new dentist or eye doctor yet. My insurance only covers an eye exam every two years, so I'm not in need of that appointment at the moment. As for the dentist, I'm absolutely not comfortable having my mouth wide open in someone's face until things seem a bit safer around these parts.

And while I did have a psychiatrist I really appreciated, he's left the practice that I was a patient at. It was such a difficult thing for me to find a psychiatrist - I really struggled. There were lots of tears and lots stress trying to find someone that accepted my insurance and also had good reviews, so I'm very nervous considering other options to continue with my medication.

Alongside working with a psychiatrist, it's important I chat with a counselor or therapist too. Right now I'm chatting with a counselor via an app, but I'm very interested in finding an option in-person for an anxiety therapist in Atlanta.

Lauren Ender with Therapy for Atlanta offers online and in-person sessions, and specializes in anxiety and stress, depression, eating disorders, relationships, and more. I think it's so important to find medications that can help your mental well being, and thus your quality of life, but it's important to also talk about things and discuss ways to cope. It's like you can't just take medication and that be the end all, be all. Chatting things out and finding healthy ways to manage your emotions through talk therapy is critical to change habits and ways of thinking. It's a hard, scary step, but one that's so important in the grand scheme of things.

I'm still on the hunt for a dentist, an eye doctor, and OB/GYN, but realistically, I haven't made any major efforts to hunt for those since COVID. My mental health and my diabetes are the things that I prioritize the most, but as I continue to search as I feel safer meeting with folks, I am excited (though also very scared) to find new practitioners.

Have you ever had to search for all new doctors? What has that experience been like for you?

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