Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Visiting New York (Eventually)

*This is a collaborative post. Are you thinking about visiting New York in the not too distant future? While the coronavirus is currently ma...

*This is a collaborative post.

Are you thinking about visiting New York in the not too distant future? While the coronavirus is currently making it difficult, if not impossible, to travel, there’s no harm planning for a trip to New York either next year or even the next year after that. We were hoping to return to NYC again this summer, but obviously those plans were squashed. If you do plan to go to New York in the future, then there are definitely some key questions to ask yourself. 

What are the must-see attractions?

One of the most important questions to ask is what attractions shouldn’t be missed. The good news is that New York is packed full of possibilities just waiting to be explored. The bad news is that this almost certainly means that you’ll miss out a few when you take your trip. When we went to NYC, it was one of the only times I didn't make even a loose itinerary. Big mistake. There is too much to do and never enough time.

One of the things that we missed out on that was very high on our list was seeing a show on Broadway. It's like the thing to do in New York, and there are so many different theatres. It's wild just to walk past them, honestly.. There are lots of popular choices, new and old, with Frozen quickly becoming a fresh family favorite, particularly through the winter months. Of course, there are plenty of others too including classics such as Wicked which have been on Broadway for years.

Central Park is also a must-see. We only explored a tiny bit of the park, just across from the American Museum of Natural History. Unfortunately we were all exhausted from the museum, and didn't have the energy to explore the park, but it is truly massive. There's literally a zoo inside the park. 

The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Tower are all must-sees that we didn't check out. I'm terrified of heights, so it just wasn't something I was super interested in. One thing I did miss that I really wanted to see and explore was Ellis Island, but again we didn't have enough time. (We had some delays with our travel and only got one full day in the city.) So I highly recommend some kind of idea of what you're planning to do before you arrive.

How Much Time Do You Need?

This is always going to depend on the type of vacation you're wanting and how many things you’d like to do. However, a week should be enough time to get a lot done. You’ll be able to see a couple shows, get a tour of the city, and eat at some delightful restaurants. Don’t forget with luggage storage New York businesses, you can also make the most of the day when you arrive and when you leave. This will allow you to squeeze in a few more hours to explore the city. 


What Unique Activities Should You Explore?

Finally, you might want to ensure that your trip to New York is a little more exciting and memorable, and not totally cookie cutter. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. When we went, we stayed in Queens with family, so we got more of a local vibe. I would highly encourage checking out the feeds and Instastories for more local New York influencers to see where they spend time and find the kinds of vibes you're looking for.  

New York is not a city you want to travel to with no clue what you want to do. It's truly a sensory overload and if you don't go in prepared, or don't have enough time to spare, you may spend the entire trip trying to figure out how to spend your time and not actually getting to enjoy the trip itself. 

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