Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Parental Figures

  There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own....


There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own. I am only promoting these items based on my personal interest in them. Any items I was gifted will be annotated with a (*). This post may also include affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click my link and make a purchase.

Well folks. The holiday season is upon us. It's been a weird year, so this holiday season may be more important than many holidays past. And maybe someone you really want to honor this holiday is the parental figure (or figures) in your life. Whether it's biological parents, claimed parents, a mentor, whatever, here are some ideas to consider gifting to those folks who make you feel most loved.

An Aura Carver Frame*

This list is in no order, but damn I've got to say that this Aura Frame is the gift I am absolutely most excited to gift my mom. Obviously we all have incredible folks that we love and want to share thoughtful gifts with, but I can already see the joy on my moms face once her Aura Frame is set up and slideshowing through family photos. There are so many things I love about Aura Frames, particularly the Carver Frame (which I have in White Chalk) - it's surprisingly affordable for all it's capable of doing, the photos really are top notch quality on the screen (I swear they look crisper than real-life), and it's incredibly user-friendly. 

But my absolute favorite thing about the frame? I love that everyone in the family can download the app and connect to mom's frame, so we can all regularly update pictures. That way, mom (and dad) will always have the most up-to-date pictures of what's going on in our lives. It's a particularly good gift this year since it's much more difficult to travel and visit our families for the holidays. I am totally obsessed. 

A Custom Canvas Print

In the same vein of sharing photos or memories with your family, I love a custom canvas print from Smallwoods Home. For Valentine's Day, I got several made for hubby - one print for each year of marriage (a photo from a vacation we took each year!). I literally uploaded pictures taken from my phone and they printed beautifully. They also do custom text prints or have pre-made designs. 

A Down Alternative Comforter

One of my parents' favorite gifts I've given them in the past was a nice, high-quality down alternative comforter. There are truly so many places to get those now, from Target's inexpensive options to a plethora of great companies online. It's hard to find just the right quality comforter, but just make sure you're reading all the specs. And a lot of places offer 100 days to try, or something similar, to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck!

A DNA Testing Kit

Getting a DNA testing kit for your bio-parents is also kind of like getting a gift for yourself. Find about more about yourself, your heritage, and the culture of your identity. It's a pretty cool thing if you ask me. I was able to get my mom one of the DNA kits last year around Black Friday/Cyber Monday for half-off. So if it's the price that tends to turn you away, definitely keep your eyes peeled for upcoming sales!

A Nice Gold Piece

A classic piece of gold jewelry is a gift either of your parents (or parent figures) can keep for years to come, and could become a heirloom years down the line. I particularly love Automic Gold, which totally cuts out the middleman, pays its employees living wages, and is a queer-founded company. Hubby got me a necklace from them for my birthday, and it is my favorite! They offer tons of listed options, but can custom-create just about anything your heart desires.

A Cuter-Than-Usual Pillbox*

If your parents are anything like mine, they likely take a handful of pills. I myself take a handful of pills each day. Pillboxes are often boring and totally lame. But get them a pill box that's much trendier that they can throw in their bag or on their bedside table. Port & Polish offers such cute options that are discreet and totally functional. 

An Easy-to-Install Bidet

Bidets aren't just for rich folks anymore! The TUSHY bidet attachment makes it easy for anyone to have a bidet. Their attachments start under $100 and can be attached in 10 minutes or less. Plus it's a completely sustainable option. They're produced ethically, but also save so much toilet paper (and considering the big toilet paper shortage of early 2020, we could all benefit from saving on tp). It also cleans much better than tp, and I think that's something the parentals can really appreciate. 

Better Air

If health and wellbeing weren't priorities before this year, they're likely priorities for both you and your family these days. An air purifier can clean the air of toxins, gas from cooking, bad smells, and even some viruses. In additional to an air purifier, humidifiers are actually great to open up your lungs and help you to breathe better. Both of these are definitely top notch investments for the wellbeing of those you love.

What's at the top of the list for your folks? Tell me in the comments below!

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