18 Ways to Wear a Christmas Sweater

I absolutely love Christmas. I love the joy that it brings, and how everything just feels happier  during the holidays. Not to mention I lov...

I absolutely love Christmas. I love the joy that it brings, and how everything just feels happier during the holidays. Not to mention I love the cold weather. But something I really love is Christmas sweaters. Not those corny sweaters you can buy at any ol' mass store. No, I love the more vintage-style, knitted sweaters. They are my favorite and I try to collect more every year. I wanted to share my collection of sweaters and some fun ways to style them.

Apres-ski style

This zip-up cardigan reminds me of an 80s movie set at a mountaintop ski lodge where the high school nerds have to fight the old popular group. So I had to go with this 80s-esque look. Zip-up overalls reminiscent of a ski jumpsuit, a festive turtleneck, the sweater, hi-tops, and a festive beanie to top it all off (see what I did there?).

Sweater: vintage | Turtleneck: vintage | Overalls: Universal Standard | Hat: old | Sneakers : Converse

Casual christmas decorating

This look is so comfy, it's basically wearing warm pajamas. You could totally go with leggings underneath too, for an even warmer outfit. Be sure to check out the front and back of my holiday vest - it's an entire story.

Sweater vest: vintage | Scarf: old (similar) | Sweatshirt dress: Universal Standard | Sneakers: Converse

Cozy grocery store run

This sweatshirt is more casual than my knitted sweaters, but it's so cute with its ruffled neckline and wrists. It's super easy to just slip on and go. I love it with these high-waisted wide leg crops. And the green of the pants coordinates with the green in the sweatshirt's trees. It's very casual and perfect for a run to the store, complete with a festive mask.

Sweatshirt: vintage | Slacks: Target (similar) | Mask: Old Navy | Sneakers: Converse | Rosemary tree: Lively Root | Needs More Plants tote: Lively Root

Business casual for work

I thought this was a cute mix of professional and fun. Black pencil pants, a denim button-up, with a Christmas cardigan and the perfect Santa flats. I honestly feel like a kindergarten teacher in this one (and I'm totally okay with that!).

Cardigan: vintage | Denim button-up: vintage | Pencil pants: Old Navy | Flats: vintage

Holiday date night (at-home)

I love this look because it's dressier up top, but the cardigan brings festiveness and the sneakers add a casual air to the look. This one might be my favorite. I love everything about it, from the leopard belt details to the fun curls. 

Sweater: vintage | T-shirt dress (with pockets!): Universal Standard | Belt: Target | Sneakers: Converse

Festive party look

Obviously we're not going out to any holiday parties this year, but I love this fun, festive fancy look complete with strappy velvet block heels and the softest romper.

Headband: Target (similar) | Sweater: vintage | Romper: old from Ross | Heels: old from Topshop

Comfy athleisure christmas

I love this look. It's so fun, festive, and comfortable. I love the coordinate of the sequined sweater with the bright sneakers, and the fun lipstick and eyeshadow combo.  This is perfect for running a quick or working around the house. 

Sweater: vintage | Capris: thrifted | Sneakers: Puma

Pretty in plaid

I love the way this blue and white plaid romper complements this white, blue, and silver Christmas tree cardigan. I paired it with some comfy lace-up boots and fun blue eyeshadow.

Sweater: vintage | Stocking: Marshalls | Romper: Old Navy | Boots: old from Sebago

Comfy cheery coffee

These pants were some of my go-to work cargos for work. They haven't got much wear these past nine months, but here they're paired with a wonderful embellished poinsettia sweater, coordinated red tee shirt, and pewter platform boots.

Sweater: vintage | Tee: Universal Standard | Cargo pants: Old Navy (similar) | Boots: old from Target (similar)

Christmas light lumberjack

This zip-up vest is so cute with all the little patches and the candy cane zipper pull. I paired it with a men's red and black flannel with high-waisted mom jeans to add a more flattering fit, and heeled lace up boots for a fun silhouette. 

Vest: vintage | Flannel: vintage | Mom jeans: American Eagle | Boots: old from Cato (similar)

Apres-ski style #2

This outfit is also very 80s snow lodge to me. The mockneck sweater featuring a skiing dog, paired with houndstooth ponte pants just screams apres-ski to me.

Sweater: vintage | Ponte pants: old from Cato (similar) | Boots: old from Cato (similar)

Snow-topped stripes

This outfit all fell together so perfectly. The striped pants with the black turtleneck as a complementary piece and the cardigan thrown over. I felt so put together in this look. It's such a fun and lovely look. 

Sweater: vintage | Turtleneck: Universal Standard | Pants: vintage | Boots: Report

90s leading lady

Everything about this outfit screamed 90s babe to me. Denim on denim. Velvet Santa flats. And a banged half updo. 

Denim top: vintage | High-waisted jeans: Universal Standard | Flats: vintage

Cozy christmas chillin'

This is one of my very favorite Christmas sweaters. It's got bells attached and it's so much fun to wear. Plus it's incredibly warm. I paired it with pocketed leggings in a dark olive to match with the greens in the tree. Not to mention the coziest slippers to keep my toesies warm.

Sweater: vintage | Leggings: Aerie | Slippers: UGG

Holiday zoom parties

Keep it super festive up top for those holiday zoom parties. This requires more than one holiday sweater. Instead, I went with a festive mockneck top with an oversized holiday cardigan. I kept it simple with the jeans and sneakers, but it's definitely fun to keep the party going in this perfect (zoom) attire.

Sweater: vintage | Turtleneck: old from Walmart (similar) | Cropped jeans: Universal Standard | Sneakers: Vans

Holiday dinner hostess with the mostest

Okay, so there will be no full holiday dinners, but for a very small immediate family dinner, this is such a cute outfit. This was my very first Christmas sweater that I bought for a tacky Christmas sweater party, and I just fell in love. I'd pair this sweater with these high-waisted wide legs jeans that are cute enough to look put together, but stretchy enough for those full tummies. I rounded it off with the perfect tan heeled boots.

Sweater: vintage | Jeans: Universal Standard | Boots: Nisolo

Christmas Eve cutie

Okay, I've been wearing these a lot - not just for Christmas eve. But I love the elf-y thermal leggings and the super cute SANTA shirt. The cozy cardigan helps keep me warm since the tee is short-sleeve. 

Sweater: vintage | Top: Old Navy | Pajama thermals: Old Navy | Slippers: UGG

Christmas morning present time!

Okay this one is so much fun. I'm not much a nightgown gal, but I love this fleece crazy warm vintage nightie. And obviously the hair curlers help me get ready to go for the rest of the day!

Pajama gown: vintage

Do you have any holiday sweaters? Which look is your favorite?

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