Choosing the Best Vacation Accommodations (Plus Considering If Your Pet Should Come Along)

*This is a collaborative post.   When planning a trip (day trip or otherwise), an obvious consideration should be who’s coming with you. If ...

*This is a collaborative post.


When planning a trip (day trip or otherwise), an obvious consideration should be who’s coming with you. If you're not going abroad, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring the family pet along with you. A dog will love playing on the beach and the long walks the likes of a Pigeon Forge vacation has to offer just as much as the kids, so looking for dog-friendly vacation cottage makes sense! And if you have a cat, feel free to bring them along - I just know Courage doesn't really enjoy going anywhere outside of the house.

There are plenty of dog-friendly vacations, and by choosing a vacation company that caters to this, you won’t have to pay excessive fees for bringing a pet along - after all, they're part of the family. You’ll also save time and money on making alternative arrangements for your dog while you’re away.

Next is deciding how many people will be coming along with you and your fur babe? Good websites for booking vacation cottages will allow you to narrow down your options by showing you only those properties on its books that are large enough for your party. Check the number of bathrooms – larger parties might like more than one for the convenience this offers. And if any of your group has mobility problems, looking for cottages that accommodate this by being all on one level or having specific disabled access is also essential.

If you prefer to have a vacation company book for you, ensure they include with your booking lists of what facilities will be available in its various vacation cottages when you get there. Are linens and toiletries provided? Is there WiFi and a TV to keep the kids entertained while you have a bit of ‘me-time’? Also, look for details about the accommodation itself and what’s available in the local area, obviously.

Narrowing Down Your Selection From The List Of Luxury Vacation Accommodations 

You might need to know that you’re staying within walking distance of the beach, for instance, or that there are local shops nearby so you don’t have to drive miles to buy food during your stay. How walkable is your destination? It’s also good to check out what facilities are close by, with things to do for you and the kids indoors if it’s raining. And what about the availability of local cafes and restaurants for those days when you don’t feel like cooking? It’s well worth doing a bit of research on possible locations to ensure it’s not a disappointment when you get there.

But more importantly, it pays to check out various online reviews for any luxury vacation accommodations you’re seriously considering. Previous guests’ comments will give you insight into each property, mentioning any pros and cons about the accommodation and the local area. Good vacation companies will make these plainly visible so you can make an informed decision on which of the many vacation cottages is right for your own family and its unique requirements.

More than this, check out reviews of the firm that’s renting the properties itself. Has it been in operation long enough to iron out any teething troubles in the accommodation its provides? Does it have a good selection of properties to choose from and is it responsive to guests’ requests while they are staying? Factors like this can make or break a vacation.

How do you make sure you're choosing the right rental for you?

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