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*This is a collaborative post. I received a gift in exchange for this post, but all opinions are entirely my own. I love giving gifts, wheth...

*This is a collaborative post. I received a gift in exchange for this post, but all opinions are entirely my own.

I love giving gifts, whether it’s for a specific holiday or just because. And I take a lot of pride into giving incredibly thoughtful gifts. And one place I love to look at when gift-shopping is JORD. You’ve probably seen me on here talking about their ​wood watches​ but they actually have lots of other unique gift ideas too - anything from hats to a collector’s limited edition timepiece - something for everyone!

Some perks of shopping with JORD for gifts:

A wide variety of accessories featuring natural materials & lots of gifts under $150

Limited editions and new styles available regularly

Handbag monogramming

Custom cedar watch box & back plate engraving available

Free worldwide shipping

15+ customizable gift sets available for men & women

Generous warranties

Professional watch sizing available

Some unique gifts I’ve had my eye on for this year:

Ethical Handbag Collection for Her​: ​JORD’s newest line of accessories is a collection of ​luxury handbags​!​ ​They come in lots of colors and styles (crossbody, backpack, clutch). The cool thing is that the​ ​purses are made ethically​ of JORD’s own type of vegan “leather.” Its created from cork, so it’s such a fun and unique look. But don’t worry - the material is nothing like your wine cork : ) It is soft and super durable! I’m particularly fond of the backpack. 

The Harper Limited Edition Gift Set​: This watch series has beautiful marble and stone faces with interchangeable wood and padded leather watch bands​. The cool thing is that each watch is unique because the pattern and color on the face is unique. The face itself has a modern retro feel and can be personalized with your choice of bands.

Gifts Under $150: JORD offers a variety of new accessories that can be picked up at a variety of price points: watch styles (from casual to sophisticated), many colors of Apple bands to dress-up any Apple Watch (finished in a variety of materials), as well as cool sunglasses and hats. Something for everyone! 

Signature Apple Bands in Exotic Wood & Leather: ​Know any guitar lovers? JORD’s limited line of harmonic apple bands features woods from American guitar designers. In 2019, JORD’s wood Apple bands were voted “best” of the year by Forbes! These bands are a strong statement piece to really dress up any Apple Watch.

Sunglasses & Blue Light Glasses: They have a huge variety of vintage-inspired and modern sunglasses - great lenses and finished with cool, natural materials. This year, we’re all staring at our devices even more than usual. It gives me a headache, especially when I don’t wear my glasses, and I absolutely know others are getting headaches too. Don’t worry, JORD is on top of it! Check out their ​blue light glasses​ with natural accents.

JORD has something for everyone. I want to hear from you - did any of my gift recommendations work for you?

Tag me & @JORDwatches in any pictures you share of your new JORD accessories. 

See something you like? Feel free to use my code jordfriend20 for 20% off any purchase.

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