3 Reasons To Take A Rock Climbing Trip In 2021

*This is a collaborative post.   If you love trying new sports and pushing yourself, rock climbing is an awesome sport to try. Millions of p...

*This is a collaborative post.


If you love trying new sports and pushing yourself, rock climbing is an awesome sport to try. Millions of people per year do indoor and outdoor rock climbing in the US alone; it's a sport that has become more and more popular over the years, and it’s clear why. Some people avoid sports such as rock climbing, often due to their fear factor. While rock climbing injuries are not too common compared to some other more extreme sports, it is understandable why it could be avoided! I am terrified of heights, but have still tried indoor rock climbing - I looked down halfway through and it was over for me, but I still did it!

In this blog, we'll explore three reasons to try rock climbing in 2021. 

Rock climbing's exhilarating

2020 and 2021 have taught us that life is surprising, so take every moment you've got. Rock climbing is the perfect way to celebrate life - it's exhilarating to say the least! The exhilaration of rock climbing comes largely from the idea of being up high. If you are scared of heights, you can still enjoy rock climbing if you embrace the exhilaration and try to use the heart-pounding experience to fuel your energy levels and give you the adrenaline hit you need! Although it’s not for everyone, if you are searching for an exhilarating experience, try a rock climbing trip this summer. I highly encourage trying it indoors so you feel a bit more secure and safe if you are frightened of heights.

Rock climbing works all your muscle groups

For fans of health and fitness, rock climbing's a must-try. Rock climbing is a compound exercise, meaning it works multiple muscle groups all at once. While climbing, your arms, chest, back, glutes, quads and calf muscles all work in unison with your core to keep you balanced, upright and positioned on the climbing wall. As you progress up the purpose-built wall, your muscles are constantly in use, making this one of the best compound exercises you can do. Make no mistake, when you try rock climbing, your muscles will be sore the next day!

Rock climbing can be done with friends, family, or even as a date!

One of the most fun things about rock climbing is the social aspect of the sport. You can take a weekend day with friends to visit a rock climbing guide service, who will teach you and guide you through your first experience of climbing. While climbing you can make memories with friends and family that will last forever! Similarly, going on a climbing date is more romantic than it sounds. Climbing involves trust, bravery, risk-taking and, ultimately, fun - exactly what a great relationship needs to survive! Build a trusting bond with your new partner as you take to the climbing wall in 2021.

If you love trying out new sports and want to find an exhilarating, social and muscle-building exercise, rock climbing is the activity for you. Go on a climbing adventure in a beautiful new place, and begin a new discovery of what could be your new favorite sport of all time!

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