Interesting Gift Ideas That Aren’t Another Boring Candle

I have been compensated for this post. Any opinions are my own.   Unique people deserve equally unique gifts. Candles, hand soaps, or stati...

I have been compensated for this post. Any opinions are my own.

Unique people deserve equally unique gifts. Candles, hand soaps, or stationary just won’t cut it for many of the people in your life. I pride myself in my gift-giving. I always feel like I can give the perfect gift entirely catered to each individual. Yet not everyone has the skill of picking out the perfect gift. If you’re on the hunt for a unique gift for someone special, try one of these unexpected ideas that are sure to be better than another boring candle.

Send an Exciting Subscription Box

A subscription box can be a great gift because it keeps on giving throughout the year. Each time your loved one opens a new box, they’ll think of you. While there are many lackluster subscription services out there, others will surely blow your recipient away. Try a funky women's underwear subscription for your girlfriend, an international candies box for your friend that loves snacking, a wonderful monthly or quarterly book box, or a hot peppers subscription for your family member that enjoys burning off tastebuds.

Sponsor Something Interesting

There's nothing people love more than a gift they can’t even use. In all seriousness, though, if you’re drawing a blank on the next gift for someone special in your life, consider adopting or sponsoring something interesting. You could sponsor a goose, wombat, or rhino for the animal lover in your life. Another option is to adopt a stretch of highway or trail that has special meaning for your recipient. These are totally unique gifts, but could be perfect for the right person.

Try Weird Edibles

Food is a go-to gift for many people, but the standard box of chocolates is too dull for your loved one’s tastes. For the adventurous eater in your life, give them something weird to eat. Edible bugs like ranch-flavored mealworms and chocolate-covered ants will make quite the impression. You can also go the more appetizing route with chocolates made from a mold of your anus (lmao - they things they make these days!). They’ll feel closer to you than ever before.

Treat Your Friend to a Fun Trip

If your friend loves to travel, take them somewhere they’ve never been. This doesn’t have to be a particularly exotic, expensive, or long trip. Instead, look for the weirdest and most unique places within a few hour’s drive. A wacky trip will provide a fun and unique anecdote that will be more valuable than any material gift you could give. I am a huge fan of experiences versus material gifts. In fact, my sisters and I are going on a weekend trip coming up for one of my sister's birthdays!

Give a Big Version of Something Small

The only thing better than something you love is a comically big version of it. When you’re having trouble thinking of a gift, think of something your recipient loves and supersize it. Candy? I've gifted giant Reese's for Christmas before. Mac and cheese? Get a bulk container. Coffee? Yep, you can find an enormous coffee mug.

On the flip side, if you’re conscious of your friend’s tiny apartment, you might want to consider going in the other direction. Look for absurdly small versions of their favorite things. Who doesn't love tiny little miniature things, like these tiny planters

Take a Weird Class Together

For every outlandish hobby you can think of, there’s a class for that. You and your loved one are too interesting for the standard ‘paint and sip’ class (not to bash them - I love them!). Find something outlandish that you can do together for an experience your recipient will always remember.

Make Them Laugh

You can never fail with a gift that makes your friend or family member burst out laughing. Go for a gift that plays on an inside joke between the two of you. A gift like this doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to leave a lasting impression. I'll never forget when my parents gifted my uncle underwear that said "I love you, man, but I can't stop farting." I know - farts are immature, but they'll never stop being funny.

If you’re tired of giving basic gifts, say so long to dull gift sets and go for something wacky, wild, and memorable. The interesting people in your life have provided you with plenty of interesting memories and stories over the years. Reward them with gifts that reflect their uniqueness.

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