3 Super Low-Maintenance Summer Hairstyles

  *I received hair accessories from Headbands of Hope in exchange for inclusion in a blog post. All opinions are my own. Hair is such an imp...


*I received hair accessories from Headbands of Hope in exchange for inclusion in a blog post. All opinions are my own.

Hair is such an important piece of style. If my hair looks pretty good, then I feel pretty good. But I'm also incredibly lazy and low maintenance. So I wanted to share three super low maintenance summer hairstyles, complete with the perfect hair accessories. I'm a big fan of updos in the summer because I hate how hot and sweaty I get, and my hair just looks, um, disgusting. So these are the perfect if your hair is also easily a mess in the summer.

Big bun with headband

This is highest maintenance of the three. All you need is a bun donut (or sock, if you've got the sock bun thing down pat), some bobby pins, and a super cute headband. If you've never rolled your hair into a bun, it takes a little practice but is actually pretty easy. 

For the bun, I part my hair down the center so my bangs are free in the front, and then put the rest of my hair into a very high ponytail. (If you don't have bangs, you can still part some hair in the front and pin the sides for a bit of a faux-bangs look!)

Then you take a donut bun and put it over the ponytail and place it at the base of your ponytail where it meets the skull. From there, pull the donut up to almost the tip of the ponytail. Start rolling the bun down while pressing the ends of the ponytail up and around the donut until you've got a big ol' bun. Then use bobby pins to keep it in place. Place the headband on your head, and you're good to go. I love this Hear Me Roar blushing braid headband. And it comes in different prints!

This look is the dressier of the three and is perfect for summer weddings!

Curly high-pony with a scarf scrunchie

This one is pretty low maintenance. All it takes is a moment to brush out your hair and put it up into a very high ponytail. Use a decorative scarf scrunchie to tie your hair up - this Hear Me Roar darling scrunchie is perfect! You're good to go.  

This look is perfect for working out or active days!

Piggy braids and bucket hat

Okay, I love this look. When I'm outside for prolonged periods of time, I really love a bucket hat. I usually wear one when I'm out doing yard work, and I think this look is also perfect for beach days. Part your hair evenly down the middle, braid both sections, and toss on a bucket hat. Your hair is going to get gross at the beach (or in the pool) anyways, so this just keeps it out of the way and untangled. Plus a bucket hat is perfect if your hair is needing a wash. This Blue Wash bucket hat is so cute with "stay kind" embroidered across the front.

This one is best for outdoor days by the water.

All three of these fun hair accessories are from Headbands of Hope, so not only are they fashionable, but they're also good for folks. How, you ask? For every single item sold from Headbands of Hope, a hair accessory is donated to a sick child. Many companies donate hats and wigs, but Headbands of Hope were the first to donate headbands. It's a wonderful cause, and their hair accessories are so cute. Plus they even have a special program where the kids of design their own headbands. They also donate a portion of profits to charities.

If you want cute hair accessories, skip the mall stores and buy from a company with a cause.

Which of these looks is your favorite? I enjoy all three and will definitely be wearing them all summer long. 

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