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  Don't you just love a good subscription box? They're basically a nice gift to send yourself regularly. What's not to love? All...


Don't you just love a good subscription box? They're basically a nice gift to send yourself regularly. What's not to love? Alltrue is a subscription box that has been around for quite some time, but has recently been rebranded. You may have previously known it as CAUSEBOX, but the rebrand was put into place to more accurately represent the purpose of the box itself.

Here's the meaning behind their new name, taken directly from their site - 

All: "A fundamentally inclusive word. All are welcome, bring your full self. The Alltrue community is here for you at home, with work, in life. All of it."

True: "Truth is at the heart of everything we do. As product curators and community leaders, we find the facts and share them with you."

Altruism: "A selfless concern for the wellbeing of others. We are a community of altruists."

And their values, also taken directly from their site - 

"Every action for good. We use goodness as our guide in every decision we make, always in an effort to create positive change.

Seek and share the truth. When people know the truth about what they consume, they take better care of themselves, each other, and the planet. We seek the truth relentlessly and we share it generously.

Always open to learning. We work on becoming better versions of ourselves, for our community and our collective future, by listening, learning, evolving, and collaborating. Support and celebrate women. We encourage and empower women. We offer opportunities and support that foster personal growth and professional achievement, within our walls and around the world."

Alltrue is such an awesome subscription box because it focuses only on brands that are socially conscious, and includes everything from skincare and beauty products, homewares, and accessories. If you join now, you get their intro summer box for only $24.95 but with products totaling $120+. Some of the products are Alltrue-exclusive collaborations, so you can only get them in through Alltrue. Plus, members get access to a socially-conscious product marketplace to shop for hundreds of products. It all makes it super easy to integrate these wonderful brands into your life, and some I only would've heard about through Alltrue - though there are some brands that I already know, use, and love.

There are a collection of products in each box - some you get options between and some are picked for you. 

Check out what I got in my summer box.

I am so excited for these Bamboozle five-piece nesting bowls. There was an option between these bowls, a cooler tote, and a trendy round towel. I cook often, so thought these were perfect. I love them because they're actually biodegradable, but also reusable. What a perfect combination, right?

These products are so wonderful for exploration and my new love for the outdoors. I often carry reusable straws around and even have a foldable spork, but I love this utensil travel set from Small Hours that's easy to toss into my bag to always have in any instance. And these cute steel case makes them so easy to keep track of (I love the silver and orange!). Other options for this choice included a silver bracelet.

I also really love this extra hammock from Coalatree. I just figured out how to chill in a hammock earlier this summer, so I'm glad to have an extra one to keep for pals, or just to have in my car in case I stumble across a great place to hang. Other options for this choice included packing bags, a to-go bowl, and a set of dish towels.

I also got some really sweet skin and haircare products - COSMEDIX moisturizing hyaluronic acid cream and Brand with a Heart OMG Smooth Leave-in Conditioning Blend.

This is one of the most useful subscription boxes I've ever received. There are so many products that I will actually use, which I really appreciate. I love the practicality of it all.

Have you heard of Alltrue (previously CAUSEBOX)? Which of these items would you be most excited for?

*Thanks so much to Alltrue for sending me this box in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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