5 Ways to Spend Your Time in Vegas

*This is a collaborative post.   Congratulations - you’re heading to Vegas ! Expect to have the time of your life regardless of what you get...

*This is a collaborative post. 

Congratulations - you’re heading to Vegas! Expect to have the time of your life regardless of what you get up to, but whether you’re heading there for the first time or the twentieth, there’s no harm in having a quick look at some of the things the neon capital of the world has to offer (because it's overwhelmingly a lot).

See a show 

Vegas itself is a show, so if you’re a first-time visitor, there might be no desire to see a show in one of the hotels, but if you do, there are plenty to choose from. Vegas is all about its hotels which aren’t just for spending the night - they also have casinos, bars, and famous shows. Realistically, you could stay in your hotel the entire time, but still have a total blast. 

If you want to visit a show in Las Vegas, it won’t be hard to find one since they are advertised everywhere. The problem you will have is trying to decide which show to choose. The good news is there are plenty of classics to see, such as David Copperfield, the Blue Man Show, or Penn and Teller, as well as more modern classics that are must-see. 

Take a tour 

When you visit Las Vegas, you might expect to spend the entire time in the city at the roulette table. It’s true that this is what you will probably do most of the time, but Vegas offers much more besides. There's an expanse of desert surrounding the city with interesting things to see.

Choose from a helicopter or an ATV to visit the Hidden Valley and see some of the spectacular landscapes and wildlife in the area. The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River are also in the areas and are obviously worthwhile visiting, so drag yourself away from the tables and get some fresh air. Many even offer shuttles directly from the hotels.

Seek some thrills

In Las Vegas, there's a lot of competition - competition between the punters and the croupiers, and there is competition between all the hotels. It’s all about which Las Vegas NV Hotels can be the loudest and the most interesting, and some of them even have rollercoasters or attractions specific to them.

It might surprise you how far the hotels are willing to go to catch your eyes and draw in your business. Expect to see plenty of thrill rides in the city, including tower rides, rollercoasters, ziplines, and even a literal shark tank slide. So if you want some off-the-table thrills as well, you don’t have to look far.

Places of interest

Education and learning aren’t two words you would immediately associate with Las Vegas, not unless you’re talking about learning the tables and hopefully walking away from your trip with a fistful of dollars. But, don’t forget, Las Vegas is mob-land and has some museums to prove it.

If you’re interested in the exploits of the mob and gangster culture from previous decades, head along to the many museums to find out more. It always makes a trip more interesting if you can come away with some reliable information to tell your friends back home about. 

There are also incredible museums about Cannabis, neon "graveyards," and so much more.    

Enjoy the food

Don’t forget about the food! As if you need reminding! Las Vegas has every type of food imaginable, from delicious street food to exquisite meals with incredible views in the hotels. There’s a difference between vacation food and home food so remember to treat yourself.

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