4 Important Aspects of Your Health That Shouldn't Be Taken For Granted

*This is a collaborative post.   Too often, people take certain aspects of their health for granted until things get out of control. Howeve...

*This is a collaborative post.


Too often, people take certain aspects of their health for granted until things get out of control. However, the little things can drag into real health surprises. At that stage, an individual may start to wonder why tbey never caught on to compromised health at the very early stages. Unfortunately, it's the story of 40% of Americans who reportedly ignore carrying out the medical tests requested by their physicians. Realistically, there's a greater concern here in terms of the American healthcare system and its inequities across the population. When possible, it's necessary never to ignore certain aspects of health, including some of those listed below.


Eyesight is a significant part of your well-being as it allows you to navigate life more easily. Unless you encounter issues with your sight and ability to see the world in its full color, you may never feel the need to periodically have your vision checked out by a professional. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that about 40 million people in the US have different forms of vision impairment. The report also indicated that about one million of them ignored the subtle signs in the months leading up to vision loss. Therefore, upon final diagnosis, it seemed a bit too late to save or reverse their eye condition. This can happen to anybody at all. Therefore, it is vital to keep tabs on your vision and report any changes to an eye specialist before it is too late.

While at it, you may also want to be mindful of the sunglasses you wear. Some are designed with protective screens to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. You will find it helpful to be more selective on your choice of sunglasses or medicated ones. Today, people consider it fashionable to wear glasses, but while you’re enjoying the fad, it will help to be mindful of your eye health. It can be harmful to your vision to wear plastic or glass lenses when they're not necessary for your eyesight.

It's recommended for most folks to visit the ophthalmologist every two years, but your individual needs may vary (for example, I see one annually because my diabetes could impact my vision and eye health). 

Your ears and hearing

Do you regularly listen to loud music or a favorite podcast through ear pods or headphones? Thanks to technology, people enjoy their favorite movies, games, songs, etc., with immersive sensory technology like earpieces and headphones. However, many people fail to realize the health implication of loud sounds very close to the inner ear. In other words, while you enjoy the proximity of sounds, your eardrum and everything else in there may take a hit. This can be classified as noise-induced hearing loss because your ears have been continually exposed to loud sounds beyond the required healthy decibels. It is better to take precautions to save your ears by seeing a specialist from time to time. And fortunately, technology makes it possible to enjoy several benefits of hearing aids, so you can still live a very typo-normative life even with hearing issues.


Two out of five adults aged 18 to 45 experience heart palpitations at least twice a year. This fluttery feeling experienced in the heart is ignored by many because it causes no pain to compel them to rush to the emergency room. However, the truth is, having more than one heart palpitation in any given period is enough reason to get yourself checked out. Although scientific explanation says it happens when the heart’s ventricles squeeze sooner than they should, there could be more.

While this is not meant to scare you out of your wits, it is vital to be careful about your heart health. Some medical explanations also say stress can contribute to frequent heart palpitations. Other lifestyle choices can also increase the regularity of rapid beating of the heart or a fluttery sensation. People who have experienced this say it is a self-awareness of the heart beating that can be quite uncomfortable (although not painful). I say never take the risks when it comes to your cardiovascular system. Heart health is one of the most important aspects of anyone's overall well-being.


Different skin types exist - from dry, oily, or normal skin to combination skin. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. In several instances, skin can be a sole determinant of your state of health. This is why when you see moles or skin tags suddenly appearing on your body, it is better not to take them for granted. While they may look normal on someone else’s skin, your case may be different. You can always seek clearance from a dermatologist to allay your fears if in doubt. I've definitely met with a dermatologist in the past to have moles checked and biopsied.

Obviously I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv. But I do advocate for meeting with doctors regularly if you're able.

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