The Big Benefits of Cabin Rental for Vacations

    *This is a collaborative post. There are perks to almost any type of holiday, and much of the decision will come down to the number of p...


 *This is a collaborative post.

There are perks to almost any type of holiday, and much of the decision will come down to the number of people you have with you - and what they like to do. For years, holiday resorts and hotels have had the lion's share of holiday bookings. And while there is a lot to be said for a comfortable and cozy hotel room, it can get a little expensive with a family booking.

In the last ten years, more people have been using various websites to secure themselves a private residence for when they go on holiday. So next time you're looking to have an incredible vacation, be it alone, as a couple, or a family unit - there are the big benefits of a cabin rental. In fact, growing up, my family went to Gatlinburg every summer vacation, and we always would rent out a cabin in the mountains. It's so pure and relaxing - not to mention the hot tubs, pool tables, and the feeling of being a little more remote from the rest of the touristy town.

A cabin is more of a home away from home than a hotel can be, which is much of the reason it's so brilliant. So let's look at some of the details. Keep in mind that not all cabin rentals will have all amenities, and before you book, you'll want to look at each cabin's inclusions.




If you want to save some cash, cooking at home is one of the best ways to do it. Most of the time, you will find a refrigerator and something that might have a few essentials in it. The bigger your party, the higher the cost of eating out is going to become.

You can pick and choose where and when you eat out if you can cook. This means you can take advantage staying a little more within a budget. Sometimes after a long day exploring the location you are staying in, especially if there is a lot to do like by the cabin rentals in the Finger Lakes, coming home to a taste of home can be incredible.

You can save even more money by checking with nearby grocery stores and planning a shopping list in advance. Or, if you're driving there, pack the car with many of the essentials that you will need. When my family and I would drive up to Gatlinburg, we'd get to our cabin and unpack and then head straight to the grocery store to stock up. We always would grill out at least once during our trip, and it all just felt so lovely and homey. Seriously - the best!




Although some resorts and hotels have the option to do laundry or the facilities somewhere - a private cabin will usually have a washer and a dryer. Although no one likes to think about washing clothes on holiday, we all know a few days in can all get a little bit messy in the suitcase.

Having the ability to do laundry also means that you don't need to pack as many clothes with you - allowing for a lighter case! Another huge bonus is that you can come home with a completely clean set of laundry - and nothing to wash when you get home. Yes, please.




Most hotel rooms and resorts will feel the same. They are designed to be welcoming and comfortable, but you wouldn't really spend all day in there watching TV. There is a set layout for most hotels. The bed faces the TV, the toilet and shower are just as you get into the room. They are space-saving and efficient.

But that is where cabin rentals and private home rentals come into their own! Every cabin or rental that you book is likely to be a little different. Even when booking with a cabin company, they will have some variation between the ones in the park and the ones you have stayed in previously.

There is no end to the style and size of cabins that are available, and you can choose something different every time. You can even find some unique options like glass roofing, cabins on the water, or very isolated ones.

The world of cabins include teepees, castles, wooden cabins with no modern conveniences, pods, tree houses, and even Hobbit-style homes.




One of the biggest downfalls of a hotel room or even some of the suites is that often they aren't as private as you might like. You can usually hear the people staying next door, even if they are being reasonably respectful and quiet. The more expensive hotel options can be quieter, but it's never fully private most of the time.

In a private rental cabin, you will have as much privacy as you want. Even if the cabin is situated in a park with other cabins, you will feel pretty secluded. Most often, cabin rentals aren't attached either, so the standalone nature of the cabin further supports your need for privacy.

Further to that, you can often find pools, grilling areas, hot tubs, or more that can be used in complete privacy. It allows for an actual restful bit of vacation, as opposed to being on-the-go the entire time.

When looking for the ideal holiday cabin for you, consider how private you want to be. There are many stunning cabin rentals off the beaten path.




While some hotel rooms are roomy, there isn't typically enough space for a family that is used to having their own rooms and privacy. Luggage gets piled up in the corner, people start tripping over each other getting ready in the morning, and more than that, sleeping habits can quickly leave some people awake all night. And let's not even get started on that one-bathroom scenario that comes with more hotel options.

You can book a cabin in any size that you need to make sure that you have the amount of space you want.

When you book a cabin or other private home, with enough bedrooms for each person, everyone can have their fair share of together time and quiet time. After all, the whole point of a vacation is to relax - and everyone needs a little alone time once in a while. Cabins allow everyone to come and spend time together in an enjoyable and not cramped way.




When it comes to vacation, sometimes you have to look at cost and value separately. When looking at a hotel, consider: do they offer food within the price? How many rooms do you need to book - and will they be close together? Is a suite better value? When you aren't looking, staying in a hotel can add up to a much higher price than a cabin. With a cabin, the prices are usually excluding food - so you take your own and shop and cook, you can't do that in a hotel - you have to eat out or eat snacks.

The price of a cabin usually comes far under the overall cost of a hotel stay. It is also worth considering that you can split the cost of the cabin rental across more family and friends - since they are bigger, it makes sense to make the most of the room.




People who opt to stay in a cabin are often looking to escape the city life for a while. Private cabins or those that are situated in a cabin park are usually surrounded by some of the most picturesque and peaceful areas.

So if you are looking for a vacation that is guaranteed to offer some relaxation, quiet times, and peaceful mornings and evenings, the cabins are the best option. It's worth keeping in mind that cabins can be more difficult to get to, so if you are flying to a new state or country, you are most likely going to need to rent a vehicle at the other side - or see if there are any public transport options for you to take.

We know that walking in nature and being surrounded by nature is good for us and that it can make a marked improvement on how we are feeling and our mental health.




Pet lovers have been enjoying that while once they would've been required to put their beloved pets in a boarding kennel for a week or more while they travel or have other families look after them, many cabins allow pets.

Boarding kennels can add a huge expense to typical hotel and city holidays, but when the rise of Airbnb and the private cabin rentals happened - pets were allowed to travel and stay in the home too.

Since most cabins are surrounded by greenery, woods, and plenty of open spaces, it can be a huge treat for pets. If pets aren't specifically mentioned in the rental listing, it is good to get in touch. Sometimes there can be an additional cost for pets to stay, and that cost will cover any chewing damages or the extra cleaning required when they leave.

Keep in mind that some areas have many other wild animals, and it is important to keep your furry friends in eyesight at all times.



Cabins are a great place for you to participate in the hobbies you enjoy. Photography, painting, baking, reading, writing, and more can all be done in peace while you enjoy the surroundings.

You might even decide to buy a new thing to take with you to learn while you are there. Since cabins offer a slower type of holiday, and the busy city doesn't surround you, you can take advantage of it and enjoy a relaxing time doing the things you love the most.

Another great thing about cabins is that you have the time to look after yourself a little more, and the space to make it work: 8 Beauty Tips To Keep You Glowing On Vacation



What's your take? Cabins/rentals or hotel/motel options?




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