How To Host The Best Dinner Party Possible

*This is a collaborative post.   Dinner party season is all year-round. It could be the height of summer and you might consider hosting a g...

*This is a collaborative post.


Dinner party season is all year-round. It could be the height of summer and you might consider hosting a garden dinner party. Or, it could be in the midst of winter and you might desire to host a cozy dinner for friends.

Either way, making your dinner party the best dinner party is possible with the right tips and ideas.

On that note, here are the best ways to make your dinner party the best out there.

Make a classic dessert that anyone will like

Although the dessert is the last part of the meal and the evening, it is the course that you need to get right so that every guest finishes with utter contentment.

Whether or not you are into baking or creating sweet treats, sometimes it is more satisfying (and much safer) to create a timeless and classic dessert. Classic desserts are less likely to go wrong and more likely to satisfy the majority of guests.

For instance, you could make tiramisu for dessert tonight and satisfy every guest that you're hosting. Tiramisu is one of those desserts that everyone enjoys. The flavor and texture are the ideal companions to any meal. You can make it big if you are offering lighter courses beforehand. Or, you could make individual mini tiramisu dishes if you are hosting a more wholesome main course.

Top it off with a post-dinner coffee or aperitif and you will have hit the nail on the head by the end of the meal. 

Offer a wide selection of drinks

As much as food is important, drinks are equally as important for a great dinner party too. Having a wide selection of drinks available will ensure that every guest can be satisfied.

For instance, only offering alcoholic beverages will mean that the designated drivers won’t have an option to cleanse their palates in between courses. Therefore, always ensure to have a selection of alcohol and alcohol-free drinks on offer so that guests have options. To go the extra mile, it might be worth making a signature drink. This could be a cocktail or a soft drink. It will make your dinner party one to remember.

Ask about dietary requirements

Before you decide what you are going to cook for your dinner party, it is important to ask your guests if they have any dietary requirements. The last thing you want is to cook a meal and discover that one or more of the guests can't eat what you've made. You won’t want your guests to leave hungry or dissatisfied, especially if you're trying to make your dinner party the best out there.

Asking before you plan your dishes will ensure that you can adapt your ideas to cater for everyone. Or, make individual dishes for those that have the specific requirements.

Create an atmosphere

There is nothing worse than attending a dinner party and feeling awkward. A lack of atmosphere and music can sometimes make a dinner party feel tense and sometimes not fun to be at.

Therefore, always ensure to create an atmosphere. The easiest way to do so is to have a playlist. This could be themed songs (depending on what dishes you are cooking) or soft ambient sounds so that the room is filled with noise if and when guests go quiet.

Table games

Should you have guests of a similar age, then it can be a good idea to host table games. This could be before or after the meal. It'll ensure that guests are entertained throughout the night and maybe even get to know new people. While playing games, individuals can feel more relaxed and the competition can create excitement and fun, which will bring guests closer together and make sure that they have the best time.

Ask guests to bring a dish

Should you want everyone to feel involved with the party, then it can be a good idea to ask your guests to bring their own dishes. This can help guests feel included and also allow those that love to cook to show off their skills. It will also reduce the number of things you have to do. Although you will still make your own food to present at your own dinner party, it will mean that you have to cook less. If this is the case, then you can more time creating drinks, sourcing games, and decorating the place to make your dinner party one to remember.

What do you think? Are you a dinner party kind of person? What are your tips?

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