How to Create Your Happy Place at Home

  *This is a sponsored post. I cannot believe that it’s been over two years since my husband and I bought our first home. It’s quite a wil...


*This is a sponsored post.

I cannot believe that it’s been over two years since my husband and I bought our first home. It’s quite a wild ride of a story. Once we decided we were ready to purchase, it took us nine (NINE!!!) months to find a house, have an offer accepted, and have a solid inspection. House hunting can be fun, until suddenly it’s not. It’s exhausting, frustrating, and really discouraging at times.

While the market was already really tough when we were looking, it’s much worse now. We were lucky we bought when we did. I literally took a day off from work to sign all the closing documents, and didn’t go back into the office for a year and a half. I definitely had the time to get to know our new house. I was able to create a fun space that I love to spend time and work in.

So how do you make a space that makes sense for you?

Have a vision for your space

Are you a vision board kind of person? Check out magazines, print out pictures, cut and paste to your heart’s desire. I’m a Pinterest type of girl, so here I am to advocate for pinning everything you can find that you enjoy. You don’t have to love all the elements in one picture’s space, but you can take different elements that you enjoy as inspiration for your Pinterest boards.

Check out your space

Where are you at? Do you already have an apartment, house or condominium? Are you considering checking out 1010 Midtown Condos for sale or are you planning to rent? If you’re looking to buy or sell, check out Ben Harris Atlanta Real Estate for your needs. But you don’t have to have a new space (believe me, I lived in places I didn’t love for a long time) - you can put together great little nooks and crannies that you love regardless of how big or small your space is. Find a place in your home that’s big enough to “make your own.”

Take inventory of your wants

What makes sense for the space you’ve chosen? It may not make sense to have an entire fluffy armchair, but maybe there’s space for several pillows. Maybe it’s just a corner of your sofa that you have for your “space.” That’s okay! Head back to your inspiration, physical or digital, and check out some of the things you really love. How can you incorporate some of those things into your space? It can be pops of color, vintage pieces, or one specific statement piece. Just make sure you’re able to add in something that really brings joy to your space. I am a maximalist, so when we bought a house, I made an entire room into my happy place. I have a wallpaper-covered statement wall, a floor to ceiling corner bookshelf with color-sorted books, and tons of plants. List out the things you want for your space, then differentiate between what you already have, what you absolutely need for your space to feel good, and what would be nice to have. Once you have those things, get ready to go shopping.

Find your items

Once you have an inventory of the things you have, need, and want, get to shopping. Maybe you’re an online shopping fiend, or maybe you love to go in-person. Maybe, like me, you love to thrift, or perhaps you’d prefer to hit up boutiques. Whatever your preferences, go out hunting for what you’re trying to add to your space. Consider your budget and how to make this work out for you. You don’t have to buy everything all at once. Maybe you add one piece to your space every month until you’re satisfied. Maybe you’re “moody” and want to change your area up based on your mood or what you’re reading - it’s entirely up to you. Seriously, make the space your own and do what you want with it. My room has gotten fuller and fuller, and I’m intending to move things around soon and take out some pieces that don’t fit my vibe anymore. We’re all evolving creatures who are allowed to change our minds. Allow yourself to do just that. You don’t have to minimalize or maximalize your space, but allow the things around you to bring you joy - because ultimately, that’s all we’re trying to get out of life.

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