Book Review: The Therapist by B.A. Paris

The Therapist  by B.A. Paris Genre:  Domestic thriller, Suspense Synopsis:   When Alice and Leo move into a newly renovated house in T...

The Therapist by B.A. Paris

Genre: Domestic thriller, Suspense

When Alice and Leo move into a newly renovated house in The Circle, a gated community of exclusive houses, it is everything they’ve dreamed of. But appearances can be deceptive…

As Alice is getting to know her neighbours, she discovers a devastating secret about her new home, and begins to feel a strong connection with Nina, the therapist who lived there before. Alice becomes obsessed with trying to piece together what happened two years before. But no one wants to talk about it. Her neighbors are keeping secrets and things are not as perfect as they seem…

Content/Trigger Warnings: Stalking, Graphic murder/violence, Loss of family member(s), Infidelity

Overall rating:  ★★★★☆

I love B.A. Paris. I’ve said it over and over again. She’s an auto buy author for me, and for good reason. I’m still not sure I’ve ever read another domestic thriller as sickening as Behind Closed Doors, but either way, Paris tends to write a great domestic thriller that’s easily digestible and twisty-topsy-turvy. The Therapist didn’t miss.

This book is haunting and creepy, and while it should have been completely predictable, I didn't figure it out until I was too far in. 

I will say that the main character, Alice, was absolutely unlikeable and she was absolutely obvious and making choices that were really dumb in the context of what was happening around her. It was the most frustrating thing about the book, and it was the main reason I didn't give the book five stars. It was the epitome of the breasty blonde running up the stairs in any horror film. 

"We all have darkness within us and the deeper it’s buried, the more interesting it is."

The book's solid. It's a solid story, with a twisty plot and a big climax. I'll always read B.A. Paris. I enjoyed this one.

*I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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