8 Diapering Must-Haves (from a new mom)

To be honest, changing diapers was one of the things I was most terrified of when thinking about becoming a mommy. There are many other thin...

To be honest, changing diapers was one of the things I was most terrified of when thinking about becoming a mommy. There are many other things that worry me constantly when it comes to my daughter’s health and wellbeing, but before she was here, I was just convinced that I wouldn’t be able to change diapers, especially dirty diapers. But now, I hardly even smell her dirty diapers and I’m just happy to know she’s using the bathroom because that means she’s eating and getting her nutrients.
A few months in, and I feel pretty confident in my diapering abilities. 

And for diaper changes, I’ve narrowed down the things that are must-haves for me:

A preferred brand of diapers

Before our baby shower, everyone kept asking me which diaper brand we wanted to use. I was fully of the mindset that I didn’t care and diapers were diapers. That has proven to not be true. We tried out several brands we were given like Pampers, Huggies, Honest Company, Luvs. Once we got to Luvs, I knew I wouldn’t even touch a store brand diaper. My mom has shared with me that when I was a baby, I was allergic to Pampers and Huggies, and could only wear cloth diapers or Luvs. 

As a mom myself, I was not a fan of Luvs, and I am not interested in trying cloth diapers. Luckily, my little one hasn’t shown any signs of diaper allergies, but I’ve shown signs of snobbery. The Luvs were so thin, and resulted in some blowouts. But once they were soiled, gag. They felt so squishy and gross. I immediately returned the store brand for my preferred Huggies. (Side note: You can return unopened diapers to the store and exchange for the right size or brand! For opened packages, those can be donated to women’s shelters, daycares, churches, etc!) Pampers have been fine, and I liked the Honest diapers too (lots of designs, if you care about that), but I noticed that Huggies have this extra elastic on the back and sides that allows for such a custom fit. It really won me over. 

All of this to say - it’s important to try a few brands and then really figure out which one you prefer for your little one.

Honest Company baby wipes

Now while I was partial to Huggies diapers over Honest ones, I did really fall for the Honest Company baby wipes once I used those. I know I hated the Up and Up wipes that were just so WET and smooth. The Honest wipes are textured and really strong and I love them. They also come with many designs, but I couldn’t care less what the design is on the package. But that stupidly does impact the price of the wipes, so if shopping on Amazon, be sure to check between the designs, because there will be a difference in prices there. (Insert eye roll here.)

Diaper rash spray

I’ll admit I was very anti diaper rash ointment for several weeks. I wasn’t seeing any rashes during diaper changes, so I didn’t want to use anything she didn’t need. Also ointments seemed so… messy. But my mother-in-law and sister, and really everyone that was around during a diaper change kept pushing these ointments. Then my husband pointed out there was some redness on her tiny hiney. I didn’t realize diaper rashes didn’t necessarily mean a full-blown rash with bumps. 

So after seeing the redness, I tried this Boogie brand diaper rash spray someone had gifted us and it’s kind of been a perfect solution. I don’t use it at every change, but definitely overnight, and it’s been consistent, so easy to use, and I haven’t seen any redness during her diaper change since. But I have noticed when I don’t use it, her skin tends to be a little more wrinkly, and poopy can be a little more stuck to her skin. I kind of love this stuff. Just make sure to shake it really well at every single use.

Changing table...

Okay, this may seem like a non-essential item, but I swear it is absolutely necessary. My sisters have always just kind of laid a baby wherever to change them, but this changing table provides consistency, a space that doesn’t absorb pee or poop and is easy to clean of those bodily fluids, is a perfect height for not causing back pain during diaper changes, and provides storage space for extra diapering supplies and other necessary items like extra clothes, toys, and more. It also feels safer to have a space to change her that has elevated sides, as opposed to say a high countertop or even a sofa top. I am such a fan of this thing. I swear I’d be a million times more frustrated and diaper changes would be way messier without this as part of our daytime diaper change routine. Baby changing tables and changing pads may seem frivolous but they are seriously the way to go. 

... and Changing pad

Yes, I find it necessary to have both the changing table and this changing pad, but not in the same space! The change table is housed in the living room, while we keep the changing pad at our bedside for nightside changes. Before having the changing pad in the bedroom, we were having to change our bed linens and blankets every other night. We using towels or just trying to change her in the bed with nothing, and of course she was peeing everywhere. And while the messy diaper changes aren’t quite as frequent as she’s gotten a little older, they’re still common, and having the water resistant changing pad (which can easily be wiped down) has been so much more convenient and way less frustrating.

Diaper Genie

I’ll be totally honest here - we only use the Diaper Genie for bedroom diaper changes. The living room diaper changes just go into the kitchen trash, which gets changed more regularly. But it’s great for keeping our sleep space less smelly!

Tiny trash bags

These bad boys are so handy for super messy diapers. One of the most frustrating things about diaper changes is when the diaper tabs get stuck to baby wipes or touch the inside of the dirty diaper, making in near impossible to close the dirty diaper without making a mess. So that where these tiny trash bags come in super handy. The diaper can be tied up and toted over to the trashcan. It also helps reduce smells. Doggy doo-doo bags are also great alternatives for this same purpose!

Hand sanitizer

I do a ton of handwashing throughout the day and night, but hand sanitizer is ultra handy and quick for more effective and speedier cleaning. I tend to gravitate towards Purell. It’s classic. For on-the-go, these little individual pods are great. At home, I love the foam stuff. It’s not as drying as other sanitizers. This sanitizer from Grove Collaborative smells great, but is slightly costlier. Either way, you won’t see any of that $60 Instagram-ad hand sanitizer around these parts. (Seriously, who’s using $60 sanitizer??)

So these are the items I’ve found to be really helpful and convenient. Diapering’s not too bad when I’ve got the right tools in my arsenal. What have you found makes the diaper change experience a bit easier? I’d love to know!

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